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scalex sport powerbase is designed for A/C input, and the components inside are not rated for high amps. If you use the bases, its a good idea to stick with scalextric transformers. 1 per track gives you about 1amp per car, which is how my home track is run at the moment.

I run RTR cars from Fly, Scalextric, Ninco, Carrera and Revell, with magnets, sometimes with considerable more than box standard magnets (oh and a couple of RAID cars without magnets).

1 transformer/track means that you never get a surge on one lane because another car crashes, possibly one of the most annoying things about having insufficient current. The setup I have may mean that the cars cannot reach their maximum acceleration, but it does not show up as a problem and all the cars run apparently very well.

My preference running cars like this is 40 ohm, though some cars prefer 25 and some prefer 45. I presume that if you end up running different voltages, you may find different resistances more suitable.
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