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Hi Mike ,for my home track I use regulated 7 amp suppy from cpc as I only run 2 lanes this is ok for the scalex type cars For Brca type cars you need more power so if you dont want to use a car battry then 10 amps per lane would be a minimum but for scalex type 3 amps is more than adequate . At slot tech we have a 30 amp variable psu wich powers 6 lanes this is ok for scalextype but not for 16ds or higher
At pendle we have a truck battery and a constant charger enough amps to weld with .
For home use I would sugest you get the best psu you can afford cpc have some good deals ,sean at pendle also stocks some good ones .aim for a minimum of 3amps per lane and you wont have problems with sclex /slotit etc dont share a return /negative lead between lanes to save time you will get surge (when a car comes off some one else gets a bit more power)
check my site for car set up and controler info .
Im sure some of the other guys will also give you some good tips
Welcome to the board oh and where are you located
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