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Here are two articles that I hope will help you in learning about power supplies and controllers. The first article is on using a variable power supply with two scalextric powerbases on a 2 lane layout so that you can change your race direction without having to build a custom driver's station. The article is here:

For a four lane layout I would definitely recommend discarding the Scaley powerbases and building a simple driver's station for each lane. Fergy has posted a schematic for a simple driver's station that allows you to change race direction and turn brakes on and off. Fergy's station can be built in an afternoon. The schematic is here:

You could still use a single power supply for your four lane layout. A 0-20 volt, 10 amp supply would be more than sufficient for a four lane layout. The Trackmate power supply in the article was the best value I found - there's a link in the article to the Trackmate website.

The second article deals with how dynamic brakes work and how to wire your track. You will need to understand track wiring if you are going to discard the Scaley powerbases and build your own driver's stations. The second article is here:

I hope these are helpful to get you started. Part of the fun of slot cars is even though they are simple, there always seems to be more to learn!

Have fun,
Circuit TrustChrist
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