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One thing you can do that is very cheap and easy is use copper strips for a friction clip. This is the same way that Carrera uses to connect power wire to their power track. Since the rails on the Carrera track are stainless steel it is really a pain in the ass to solder wire to. So you cut a strip of copper and bend it into a V shape. The width should just be wide enough to push the copper into the rail under the track. Solder the wire to one end of the copper strip. Push the copper strip into the rail with the bent section first. The V shape will secure the strip in place and keep good contact to the rails. This will also allow you to easily remove the strip just by pulling it out so you can move it to another track peice if you decide to change your layout.

As for how many taps you need, on Carrera ttrack, I would put one every 25'.

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