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I have seen several pictures of carrera power taps. The idea is to solder wire to an aluminum or copper strip that is then inserted into the hollow rail.

Spent some time this afternoon working with the aluminum strip method. Took alot of work to get the strips the proper dimension to fit the rail. Then it requires soldering. Those who dont mind wasting long hours creating power taps might enjoy this method.

A better way is to start with 14 gauge solid copper wire, cut 2" of the shielding off, bend the tip, and then feed into the rail. Get some super sticky black duct tape to hold everything in place.

We're still dealing with a mechanical connection to the rail, so why waste time soldering and finding the proper material to fit the rail? 14 Gauge copper wire is perfect.

Carrera has recently release power taps which use similar method. Mine are working great, are much cheaper, and the other end is easier to wire into my grid.

This might work for scalectric too.
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