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As some of you allready know, i just recently re-discovered slotracing, so i'm learning every day now...

I have a not permanent 17meter ninco track. Me and some friend have loads of fun on the track. I switch tracks every week, to find a perfect one to build the permanent track.

But we have a little problem... the power. The normal Ninco power supply doesn't quite do the job anymore. When we race "on the edge" (most of the time
) we are very disapointed in the power. When one car goes off the track, the other one gets more power en jumps off the track too (when driving in a corner).

Now, someone told me that a stabilised regulated power supply could work. Should a 1-15 Volts (regulated) and 2 ampere power supply do the job?

Or if you guys don't thing it'll solve the problem, please tell me what you use on the permanent home track...

Thanks guys...


(with a lot of starters questions)

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Hobbiest electronics shops usually have cheap 12 volt(nominal actually 13.5") volt 3-10 amp supplies for people who enjoy building their own circuitry. The 12 volt nominal thing is due to these supplies being derived, essentially, from 12 volt battery charger designs(you need the higher voltage to "push" through a battery's internal resitance and leave a 12 volt charge).
As a note: watts=volts x amps. Thus, a 12volt, 3amp supply is 36 watts of power.
This is plenty for all rtrs on a two lane track.
You need to note on the specifications" Filtered and regulated". And it is easy to just attach the pack to your old plugs to keep your configuration unchanged.
Fixed supplies are usually cheaper. One problem with adjustable supplies is that the dials are not particularly accurate ("mine goes to Eleven") So, to be sure you get the same thing every time, you have to adjust with a separate volt/ohm meter(available from the same hobby shop).

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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