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As some of you allready know, i just recently re-discovered slotracing, so i'm learning every day now...

I have a not permanent 17meter ninco track. Me and some friend have loads of fun on the track. I switch tracks every week, to find a perfect one to build the permanent track.

But we have a little problem... the power. The normal Ninco power supply doesn't quite do the job anymore. When we race "on the edge" (most of the time
) we are very disapointed in the power. When one car goes off the track, the other one gets more power en jumps off the track too (when driving in a corner).

Now, someone told me that a stabilised regulated power supply could work. Should a 1-15 Volts (regulated) and 2 ampere power supply do the job?

Or if you guys don't thing it'll solve the problem, please tell me what you use on the permanent home track...

Thanks guys...


(with a lot of starters questions)

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Got to say that in my experience the older Ninco PSU were awesome. They were rated at 15 plus Volts but deliver a lot more. I`ve been told and seen from club members experiences that the newer down rated 12 Volt Ninco PSU is not good at all. European regulations
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