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As some of you allready know, i just recently re-discovered slotracing, so i'm learning every day now...

I have a not permanent 17meter ninco track. Me and some friend have loads of fun on the track. I switch tracks every week, to find a perfect one to build the permanent track.

But we have a little problem... the power. The normal Ninco power supply doesn't quite do the job anymore. When we race "on the edge" (most of the time
) we are very disapointed in the power. When one car goes off the track, the other one gets more power en jumps off the track too (when driving in a corner).

Now, someone told me that a stabilised regulated power supply could work. Should a 1-15 Volts (regulated) and 2 ampere power supply do the job?

Or if you guys don't thing it'll solve the problem, please tell me what you use on the permanent home track...

Thanks guys...


(with a lot of starters questions)

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Pictures of two different tracks:

With the Le Mans start, bought at the Rotterdam fair this weekend:

and the other side of this last track:


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@ fred42fr:

I allready use a second ninco power supply...

I even got a Ninco "power-boost"...

But nothing helps...

What do clubs use for power supplies?

Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies!!!

Gerard from helped me too during the day.
We sent a few mails, and he says about the same things as you guys!

I think I'll buy regulated stabelised power supply.
I found one in the brochure of my local electronics store:

Regulated voltage: 0-18V & 18-36V
Amperage: 5A & 3.5A
Display: LED
Weight: 5.7 kilos
Price: 119.95 Euro

What do you think about that? Should that thing do the job?

@ Peter:

I drive normal Fly's, Ninco's, SCX's and Scalextric's, and the power I get for the moment is reasonable... we have lots of fun... we can race quite good...
The only thing I hate is when one car comes off, the other gets more power and goes off too...

The lanes are not divided yet, I can do that too, but then I have the problem that the two ninco supplies (probably) won't give the exact amount of power...

The cars drive quite well, but they have to go really good if you know what I mean... and the races have to be honest too...

Please give your opinions!!!

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1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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