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My new layout uses the SCX Rally Chrono, SCX Chicane and Scaley Sport Track for the rest. I've noticed a reduction in power on certain bits of track.
Whats the best option to create a consistent voltage throught the whole track?

I've looked at the SCX and Sport Boost cables, would they work with SCX sport combination, if so how? Or are ther better options?

Please be aware I'm a total noob when it comes to electrics so keep it simple!

Thanks in advance.

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I would be inclined to hunt down the bad connections around the track. Get youself a cheap digital multimeter (less than a tenner). Remove the power from your track, set the meter to the 200 ohm range and then check for high restance connections between the track joints. Once you find the bad connections you can split the track and tension the contacts to lower the resistance of the joins. Any connections over 0.3 Ohms is normally a problem.

A bit of switch contact cleaner might help with problematic connections. I hope that helps.

Most digital meters made in the last 20 years are perfectly suitable for measuring low resistances. Why start soldering and sticking on conductive tape when a bit of easy self disgnostic testing should fix the problem? Even if a meter shows a higher reading than expected it will still show an obvious difference between a good contact and a bad one.

1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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