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My new layout uses the SCX Rally Chrono, SCX Chicane and Scaley Sport Track for the rest. I've noticed a reduction in power on certain bits of track.
Whats the best option to create a consistent voltage throught the whole track?

I've looked at the SCX and Sport Boost cables, would they work with SCX sport combination, if so how? Or are ther better options?

Please be aware I'm a total noob when it comes to electrics so keep it simple!

Thanks in advance.

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My rally loop is Scx Chrono, Scalextric Sport, plus a smattering of Scalextric classic. The total lane length is 43-44mtrs. I've recently been getting a noticable power drop at the furthest point from the Chrono.

I've cleaned all the rails with track rubbers and crimped the joints, as per f1rem0uth's suggestion. I've made it a good deal better, but I'm going to make-up a power tap as well.

Before I started on the cleaning, I replaced the braids in all my cars with the tinned type. That made a difference as well.

So, my suggestion is;-
1. Replace all braids, even if they don't look too bad.
2. Throughly clean all the rails
3. When re-assembling, crimp all the rail joints.
4. If you still have issues, try power taps.

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