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My new layout uses the SCX Rally Chrono, SCX Chicane and Scaley Sport Track for the rest. I've noticed a reduction in power on certain bits of track.
Whats the best option to create a consistent voltage throught the whole track?

I've looked at the SCX and Sport Boost cables, would they work with SCX sport combination, if so how? Or are ther better options?

Please be aware I'm a total noob when it comes to electrics so keep it simple!

Thanks in advance.

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Turn each section of track over and push the end tabs together with a flat bladed screw driver, you just need to push down on the silver metal tabs, so 8 tabs altogether on each section of track.

Don't go too mad with it, but give them a firm push, the tabs may bend a bit and leave an indent line from the screwdriver but this OK.

This works with Scalextric track anyway, not sure about SCX as I have never even seen it!.

After doing this to all my 200 odd pieces of track I never get power losses anymore, and for Scalextric Sport analogue setup I use 2 power supplies, one for each lane.

Also make sure the track is also flat and joined straight at the joins the best you can, otherwise this will cause power loss too.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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