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It was a topping night on Wedenesday. Really hectic.
Great to see old NERCS members Jim Scott & Steve come back to the club after several years away.
Also nice to see Cameron & Haydon.
I must apologise to the above two. I can`t find your names on the results. Did you get to race after the practices?
If anyone is missed out during any heat please shout up, as when it gets busy it`s really hard to keep track of things.
Anyway, here`s the results.

Dodgy Dodsies Autograss Series.

The Great Ronaldo 4
Lee W 4
Wayne Oral 4
Old Fart Kev 4
Chief 4
Ceejay 4
Dodgy Dodsy 4
VW Tony 3
Slotcar Dad 3
Stewe Pot 3
Beerfest Graham 3
Riley 3
Skid Mark 3
Jim Scott 3
Big Mal 2
Waynes World Waynes World.Party Time!Excellent! 2
Jim Scott Jnr. 2
Son of cheating Smoggie Sh*t Shoe Cook my Sock Jamie, James 2
Cheating Smoggy Sh*t Shoe Cook My Sock 2
Swop Shop 2
Ryan the Mod 2
Steve 1
Whispering Dave Wisdom 1
Liam H 1
Poison Dwarf 1.

Cr*p Porsche Cup.

Steve 4
VW Tony 4
The Great Ronaldo 4
Old Fart Kev 4
Lee W 4
Wayne Oral 4
Son of cheating Smoggy Sh*t Shoe Cook My Sock Jamie,James 3
Big Mal 3
Dodsy Dodgy 3
Jim Scott Jnr. 3
Slotcar Dad 3
Skid Mark 3
Beerfest Graham 2
Chief 2
Whispering Dave Wisdom 2
Waynes World,Waynes World Partytime! Excellent! 2
Cheating Smoggie Sh*t Shoe Cook My Sock James 2
Jim Scott 2
Riley 1
Ceejay 1
Stewe Pot 1
Swop Shop 1
Ryan the Mod 1
Poison Dwarf 1
Geordie Puffda Good Looking Paul 1.
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