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With all the talk about the new Scalextric "Classic" GP cars (which I can't wait to purchase), I have to say that Mac Pinches has done a superb job with his Pre-Add Series 3 kits. I just received the Ferrari Lancia D50 and the Mercedes W196 kits and they are amazing!

The resin work on these shells is extremely well done. I have his Talbot Lago kit and while I was impressed with that shell, it's obvious with Series 3 that Mac keeps improving his work. Everything, including the vents and the rivets are all displayed in detailed and convincing fashion. I only hope that I can finish these cars in a way that does Mac's work justice. He certainly gives you a nice canvas to work with.

I'm 34 and live in the U.S., but for some reason I've always loved the look of these cars. They just have a special place in my heart, despite the fact they raced well before my time. I'm envious of those of you who have seen these race/run in person.

Anyway, I can't wait to get to work on my Lancia and Mercedes. And, I highly recommend these kits to anyone who likes the Cartrix or Scalextric versions of these types of cars. For those of you like me who live in the U.S., Mac is easy to work with and will help ya out. And, nope, Mac didn't pay me for this.

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