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Now as you all might have noticed over the past months, Flys pricing madness is one of my pet moans.
However that does not detract from the fact that they do some really GREAT cars and the finish and attention to detail is excellent.
There is no doubt they raised the Slot Car bar to record heights, taking the other Manufacturers with them to our gain.

This is out now and apart from the fact I love the look, I wanted to see how it compared to the C5R of recent times..

The C5R whilst being a wonderful release in all its guises, has a reputation for being hard to drive and harder to run straight out of the box. Two main reasons seeming to be the height of the guide in relation to the front wheels and the amount of internal detailing and number of parts used (weight).

So, to keep you drooling this morning and until I get the full review finished, here are some close ups of Flys C5 'Speedvision' GT2000 release.

Great underbody detailing!..

More attention to removing 'flashing' remnants from the mold process would not go amiss ehh?

In case some of you are thinking I am being hypocritical, encouraging Fly to keep prices high by buying the car - I paid well below RRP for it to review and I am NOT saying buy it ( the opposite in fact, until pricing gets reasonable) I am just giving you some insight and depth for this release. IF Fly cars were more aligned price wise I would be buying them all.
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