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It would appear to be Chemistry here chaps - he says donning the ol' mortar board and acid-holed gown from grammar school. (yes young Turley ye may mock but I are a creature of that background!!)

I would suggest that the same chemical that is leeched from the tyres that makes them go gooey ( a techie term I promise you!!) also effects the pigment within the plastic.

Bearing in mind both tyre and plastic are both petro-chemical compounds, and are thus organic derivatives of carbon, then a locfal reaction is bound to take place.

If one is going to store such items away for a period of time I would suggest that the cars are dis-assembled as much as possible and the plastic parts are separated from engine and metal.

As air (oxygen) causes oxegination of most things, and plastic in any moist atmospheric conditions is acidic and succombs to oxegination - which can cause disclouration.

.....and tonight's homework is to learn the first 20 elements of the periodic table !!!!

j-c - off to common room - sorry chaps a Farnham thing!! -but I think the above is true
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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