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QUOTE (Revvvs @ 19 Oct 2004, 14:05)Scott - I made the point about buying spare tyres in case you did get flat spots on the ones on the model from long term storage.

I think the point about tyres decaying is due to the fact that they're mounted on the wheels and there's some reaction between the hub material and the tyre compound.....

I have a lot of Hornby Escort Cossies, kept in the dark, some have 'white' white wheels, while others have 'brown' white wheels, cars are from same era (mid/late nineties). any solutions (chemical? or otherwise) to get them back to being white?

Maybe I should never have opened the boxes and let out the 'Factory Air' that they were produced in, or better yet kept in a hermetically sealed nitrogen atmosphere , at a constant 4degrees and constant humidity - in the dark of course - why, they would reach - say, thousands on Ebay now...................

I beleive cryogenics for Scalextric could make me my first million.

In reply to the first query that actually started this topic, if you do ever decide to 'show' them do not let snotty nosed kids touch'em, drop'em, turne'm into aircraft on a test track etc.

They are not toys you know..........
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