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Presto Park Classic Race 2nd October

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As many of the regular readers of Slot Forum know the above event was announced last year owing to the continuing success in the past of this event. For some reason i have had 12 people now pull out for various reasons over the last three weeks, with some less believable excuses than others. I originally had 29 drivers and this has decreased to 17. Until you organise such an event people don't realise the amount of work that goes into these events. Unlike some clubs i do everything myself as i believe Kevin also does at ASR in Norfolk. He is experiencing people dropping out and letting him down too.

I just want to remind everyone that Gary at MRE has kindly offered to sponsor the event and Russell Sheldon is flying over from Dubai for the race and has generously donated lots of fantastic prizes for the raffle to help raise funds for the new Presto track. I have never met this guy but he clearly wants to help our club.
Unlike some clubs I do not ask for the entry fees to be paid upfront at the time of booking but several drivers who are attending paid months ago and are very supportive of Presto.

What really hacks me off is when you email drivers on Slot Forum at the eleventh hour asking for their race entry fees and they don't bother to reply, yet the are still contributing to the blogs on Slot Forum. Please note the drivers who haven't / couldn't be bothered to reply don't just turn up and expect to race on the day because you won't be allowed too!! and that will cost you petrol money. For the drivers who haven't replied to me and failed to turn up at last years event too with out letting me know there will not be a place reserved for you next year unless the race fee is paid at the time of booking your place. Rant over !! Mike
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Hi John, thanks for that. I wasn't having a pop at anyone in particular but as you know from organising Wellingboro' events a lot of work goes into it and it is disappointing to say the least.

To be honest Averil and I wondered if it was because the new track won't be finished but the temporary track is very good and we have had a lot of great comments about it.

My main concern is that due to the lower numbers now we won't make as much money for the new track as expected when we have taken out the cost of the trophies etc.

Anyway, it will be good to see you for the International Event next year. Mike
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