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Presto Park MMRC, UK

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Hi Everyone. For some time now I have been interested in running a two day International Vintage Meeting at Presto Park, Norfolk, here in the UK. The 'Presto Classic' race meetings have proved extremely popular and tickets sold out soon after being announced on SF.

Having seen the entries from Bordeaux it confirmed my passion for these old slot cars that I used to race at Presto Park in the 1960's.

The proposed race meeting will be both 1/32nd and 1/24th with the same criteria as the last Bordeaux meeting recently- cars that raced at Daytona 24hrs and Sebring 12 hrs up to 1970, so many of you will already have the cars and anyway they are my favourites.

Having spoken to John (VFR750) I will run it to the same format / rules as other Vintage Meetings EXCEPT there will be no engine and boot / trunk detail required, as i feel these are slot cars and not static models.

The present club room will take 24 drivers max, BUT i have options for a second pit area and side retail stalls if the meeting is supported enough to warrant this.

There are excellent B & B's and hotels within walking distance of the club room and a Saturday Evening meal can also be arranged for those wishing to attend.

Please give me your thoughts as at the moment this date is free of any other known meetings in the UK or abroad.

I have started the thread to see what interest i have from the UK and abroad.

Thanks for your attention. Mike (Presto Park)
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Hi Mike

It's a little close to Early Birds for my circumstances, but I would defiantly be up for this mate. Im not to sure if you were thinking of banning engine detail/boot detail? I think it could be advised to the runners and riders, that the ones who I imagine will enter, are experienced judges for the concours and are not blown away by engine detail, so maybe keep it covered up. I'm not sure what your thoughts are.

It would be great to get some of the Bordo guys interested, especially with the airport being ten minutes up the road!

See you in March mate!
Sounds good Mike, please count me in!

Looking forward to it Mike.

I'll be adding something to the effect of "car must be presented for concours in the condition it will be raced" to the Double Trouble rules too. For those who haven't followed the Bordeaux thread there is a move towards super detail on static kits used as bodies which isn't within the spirit of how they raced in the 60's.


Hi Mike.
Please put me down for an entry.
I should know which way the track goes by then, as I am coming over to your club for the Sports/GT classic event in early October.
Regards Bill.
Hi Mike, Please put me down for an entry.
Will you be running 1/32 and 1/24 on seperate days?
Hi Clive

I presume it will be setup day on the Saturday and then race both classes on the Sunday.
I would love to have attended this meeting, Mike rang me the other day to ask for my thoughts on staging it.
One of the things I did say was to make sure that it did not clash with other important meetings but unfortunately it clashes with the largest slotcar swapmeet in the world, Slotmania in Stuttgart, Germany so I and Derek Cooper will be there for this weekend (along with a lot of other guys from Europe and even the USA)
Thanks to Bill, John G, John, Clive and Peter your places are booked.

Thanks also Phil for commenting on Slot Mania. I checked the CSCRA web site together with your web site calendar but yours only went up to December 2011 and i saw as i thought my date was free as i know March can be a very busy month in the Slot Car World and subsequent weekends are getting busier by the year. Perhaps if this meeting is successful i will contact you well in advance Phil for the 2013 meeting. It would be nice to meet you and Derek.

Once i have a reasonable entry list i will post info for you all, so you know what is happening and when.

Thanks. Mike
Well of course as it's less than half way through 2011 so neither me nor CSCRA have any dates for 2012 listed, for future reference Andy, who organises Slotmania, does post up his dates well in advance, go here if you need to check in future


Seems a bit pointless contacting people for advice then ignoring that advice
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After my lamentable performance in Bordeaux I would like to race the cars I never finished!. See another post about my views on "super-detailing" Gerald L
Phil. I rang you twice today to see if you could suggest any alternative dates both on your land line and mobile and could get no reply. I also spoke to Derek to see if he could help re an alternative date which he could not. This date is a PROPOSED DATE to see what reaction i would get from SF members.

I HAVE NOT ignored you advice, i don't do things like that, so if you could come up with a date to assist me that you know is definitely free around that date i will test the water for the revised date. Mike
To be honest it's a little early to be sure of a clear date for next year
But March was always going to be an already busy month even although dates may have not already been announced publicly.

Thanks to all those who have shown interest in this meeting. With Phil having kindly brought to my attention that 'Slot Mania' clashes with this event I have brought the meeting forward to the week end of 17th and 18th March 2012 to try and capture as many Vintage enthusiasts as possible for this event. This is now the confirmed date for the event!

Phil, John G, John, Bill, Peter and Clive you each have a pm from me. Please confirm if the new date is ok for you.

Doug (Mod) has been asked to change the dates advertised to the new dates on the initial post.

Please could the CSCRA sec' please change the date on your calendar for 2012.

Sorry to mess you all about but I want to get this right for the benefit of everybody.


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Hi Mike,

Count me in, new date is in the diary.

Hi, Mike. Can you post the regs please. Can,t find the Bordeaux ones.
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Hi Mike,

For us non-natives can you also tell us where the hell Norfolk is? Not to mention Presto Park... Closest train station and/or airport, etc.?

Would be interested of course, but it's kind of close to Double Trouble for international travel...

Hi Don,

Dont want to tread on Mike's toes, and Im sure he has more information and details of near hotels etc, but quickly:

Norfolk is right on the East Coast of the UK, if you were to look on the map it is on a level with Birmingham. Nearest airport is NIA (Norwich International), I'm pretty sure KLM fly to from Bordeaux, nearest train station is Norwich, which is about 10 miles or so away (off the top of my head). There are B&B's locally and a few hotels by the airport. I can always come and pick you up from your hotel and run you around if needs be.

I hope this helps
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