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As the internet hasn't reached Aylsham yet (or at least Mike's PC!
) and jungle drums are no good for Slot Forum, I'll have a go at the race report.

An enjoyable night's racing with 16 drivers (welcome back Richard H and Oli C) competing in (some may consider) the Blue Riband class.

The heats went mostly to form with Jim being the only one of the fancied drivers to fall foul of the draw and come 3rd in yellow lane behind 2 other fancied drivers in more favoured lanes.

The heats finished with Alan having a 100% record and a new lap record of 5.451 in red lane.

The E final was won by Grant who put in a faultless drive and showed remarkable composure and concentration for such a young driver.

The D final was won by James who can't manage to ride his bike without injuring himself
, but can put in an excellent drive on the track.

The C final was won by Roger whose Mosler is finally letting him show what a good driver he is in the Pro classes as well as the standard classes.

The B final was a very close race. Jim made a mistake at about 3rd distance which allowed Peter to take about a half lap lead. Jim then set about catching Peter and produced some scintillating laps to take the win on the last corner of the last lap!
In doing so he put in a new lap record of 5.413.

The A final had a couple of false starts as Jim's car got left on the line - Gremlins! Once the final got underway Jim quickly established a lead and maintained a high level of driving to take the win
, despite the best efforts of Andy, Alan (who suffered an unfortunate marshalling 'incident' which left him the best part of a lap down from early in the race) and Ken.

another 'unfortunate incident' was that in one of the re-started A finals Alan posted a lap time of 5.355 which if the race had continued would have been a new lap record but alas was deemed to be 'unofficial' as the race was not completed.

Jim's win was all the more exceptional as he was in yellow lane. I expect it must have happened at some time in the past, but I can't remember an A final being won from yellow lane, especially in a Pro class. Well done Jim.

Jim 25 + 1 for fastest lap
Andy 23
Alan 21
Ken 20
Peter 19
Alex 18
Roger 17
Mike 16
Richard 15
James 14
Alf 13
Grant 12
Roy 11
Chris 10
Oli 9
Dave 8

Next week is American Muscle.

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Two storming drives by Jim in the B and A finals. The B final was one of the best races I have seen (sorry Peter
)... At least he has gone off to annoy the Egyptians for three weeks so maybe the rest of us will have a chance, or will Alan clean up????

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No worries Ken, I would have enjoyed the race if I hadn't been on the wrong end of a fine drive by Jim.

I was gutted and all I was doing was racing toy cars in a B final
. I hate to think how Vettel must have felt after losing the Canadian Grand Prix on the last lap!
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