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Good job we are moving to a new premises as tonight was a tight squeeze for everyone with 20 drivers competing, together with spectators and guests watching.

Some really good races tonight and good to see my old mate JP back at Presto.
Really like your saloon car entry for the Presto Classic in October JP looks good

More new members joined tonight which is encouraging and their first races at Presto proved eventful for them to say the least. Presto Park looks easy but it is quite tricky.

No lap records broken tonight as the track seemed slower than normal. The result of tonights races were as follows :-



3.ALAN 21
4. ANDY 20
5. KEN 19
6.PETER 18
7.MARK 17
8.JOHN P 16
9.JOHN G 15
10.MIKE 14
11. VIV 13
12. JAMES H 12
13.GRANT 11
14.ALF 10
15.ROY 9
16. BERT 8
18.JAMES T 7
19.OLI 6

Next week is Brit Cars, so have a great week and practise your DIY skills this weekend - you will be needing them when we move. Many thanks to everyone who offered to help with the move and to JP who offered the use of the NSR track whilst the building work is done. Mike

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What an excellent evening's racing. The club had a real buzz (more about Ollie's car in a minute!) about it. It might have seemed a bit 'cosy' at times but then there's more atmosphere and excitement.

I thought the new drivers were, even with attendant fathers (who looked as though they were itching to 'have a go'!
), remarkably well behaved. It can be a daunting experience for young drivers going to a (supposedly
) 'grown up' race meeting on a large track and they showed real restraint for their age.

Well done Ollie who did a fine job of offering words of wisdom (not exactly an old hand himself) to the new boys

Also well done Alex who, despite a scary 'Predator' T-shirt
, must have seemed more approachable than the 'formidable' Oldies and took on the role of 'Brood Leader'.

Well done Steve, James T, and Harry who seemed to learn the track very quickly and put in some good laps despite the trickiness of the track and the not so easy to drive cars.

I've never heard a car make as much row as Ollie's did!
It was so loud that JP took pity on him and switched it for a Scaly open top Corvette
during the race! Ollie then had the curse of the gears for a second time when, leading the E Final, he had that slowing down feeling of a slipping pinion.

Well done Roger
, who once again showed he's a real demon driver with the standard cars by overhauling Alex, who'd made a blistering start in the A final. I think Roger enjoyed the win.

Ken get's a 5.9 for his Mustang's triple Salco (or whatever it's called) off the end of the flyover.

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Yes, i fully agree with Peters comments. Presto is very lucky that we have five youngsters all of whom are well behaved, polite and love their slot racing tremendously. I'm sure they are under threat all week from their parents that if they misbehave they won't be allowed to race on Wednesday.

It is great to think these young people are our future but what is nice to see is that they feel they can approach any of our members for help and advice and not be shunned. A little different to when I started in the 1960's. Thank you guys for the help you always give these kids.

As the owner of the club it is great to see these kids come along as 12 year old's and develop into excellent racers, in particular Alex who is megga quick.

When I saw Roger drop to his knees on the rostrum at the end of the A final last night I thought ' Christ, he's having a heart attack', but then he stood up - phew.

Great night, long may they continue. Mike

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QUOTE (jonnynobber @ 25 Jun 2011, 14:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>No, it was a BMW for the Le-Mans class. For the saloons i have a Rover sdi and a Jag Coupe..

Intrigued by the BMW, I was looking in the garage today and I've got an old French Scalextric 1974 Porschce 911 Turbo RSR, I'm considering using that for me Le Mans car.
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