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Hi guys, really great to see you all on Zoom Wednesday evening.

Averil and I were surprised so many of you took the time, so a special thanks to Ian R, Iain Mck, Gordon, Ray, Tone', Alf, Richard, James H, Ken and Andy. Good to have the usual banter but i was especially pleased that Averil joined us and after seeing Andy's car collection and workshop at last she realises that I only have a very minor OCD slot car problem. Lol, that's saved me Andy!

Unfortunately our Competition Secretary couldn't join us, so hope you are feeling better Keith.

A Special thanks to Alf for setting this up for everyone and also setting up the Presto 'Wattsup' app. We have had some hilarious videos courtessey of Steve for us all to have a good laugh - thanks Steve.

The next Zoom meeting is on Wednesday 6th May.

I know Presto Park posts are viewed by many people outside of our club members,so why don't you set up a Zoom meeting for your club, it's a great way to see what everyone is doing in these difficult times.

Stay safe everyone as you are all part of a huge slot racing family and we don't want to lose any of you.

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Hi guys

it was great to see you on Wednesday but we need more of you next week.

the invitation has gone out so you don't need to have zoom app installed just click on the link.

it certainty shows up those who do not have the IT skills required, Mike, but great fun.

We had ten members last Wednesday so I hope we will have a full house next Wednesday.

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