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I am very pleased to announce that i am running another 'Presto Park Classic Meeting' on the 13th/14th October 2012. The event this year is being sponsored by Russell Sheldon from Emirates Airline in Dubai with a fantastic holiday prize for the overall winner.

The winner of the event (from both classes collective results ) will win two economy return air line tickets to fly to Dubai for a three day holiday staying at The five star 'Address Hotel', this is on a B & B basis with a double room. Flights are available from Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle.

There will also be a Formula 1 auction of signed memorabilia and slot cars on race day, so bring plenty of money to buy those items you won't find on Ebay. Again, these F1 items have been given for the event by Russell.

Entry Fees. £15 per driver for both classes.

Please send cheques made payable to M J Harvey and post to :-

Presto Park Classic
c/o Bramley Cottage
Town Corner
Norfolk NR10 5 LZ

Please note no places will be reserved without payment. Your confirmed entry when paid will be shown on Slot Forum for this thread.

Race Classes

Sports Cars (to CSCRA regs.)

Group C and IMSA GTP cars. (NO vac formed shells of any description eligible)

Motor Orientation: free
Front wheels and tyres: Min dia 18mm, min width 8mm
Rear wheels and tyres: Min dia 19mm, max width 12mm
Minimum ground clearance: 1.5mm
Maximum overall width: 65mm.
Chassis: free

Grand Prix class 7. 1978- 1982 Formul 1 and Indy Cars. (NO vac formed shells of any description eligible)

Motor orientation: Inline only
Front wheels and tyres: Min dia 17mm, min width 8mm
Rear wheels and tyres: Min dia 19mm, max width 14mm
Minimum ground clearance: 1.5mm under the chassis and motor. The outer edges of the body sides, (i.e. the side skirts between the front and rear wheels), may be below this but must not touch the track during normal running.
Chassis: free
Track dimensions must be 1/32 scale within + or - 2mm but must not exceed a maximum overall width of 68mm.



Accommodation is available at The Premier Inn Tel. 01603-428648
The Holiday Inn Tel. 01603-410544

Both the above are close to Norwich Airport and are only 10 mins from the clubroom.

Presto Park is located at Pinewood Farm, Shortthorn Road, Stratton Strawless NR10 5NT.

The new Presto Park circuit is a 116 foot, braided/mdf wood track with a 46 amp power supply running at 13.8 volts. The circuit is fully landscaped.

Trophies on the day will be: Sports /GT lst place
Sports/ GT 2nd place

F1 lst place
F1 2nd place

Concours Sports/GT
Concours F1

This event is limited to 40 drivers so if you want to a chance win that holiday in Dubai post those cheques off now !!

The closing date for this event is Friday 31st August 2012.


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Hi Mike,

An interesting choice of classes, even though the cars I had built for last year's event have now been rendered redundant!

The Group C / IMSA GTP class sounds good. There are quite a few bodies readily available, including the following:-

Slot-It (injection-moulded plastic)
Jaguar XJR6
Jaguar XJR9
Jaguar XJR12
Lanca LC2
Mazda 787B
Nissan R390
Porsche 956C
Porsche 956KH
Porsche 962C
Porsche 962KH
Sauber Mercedes C9
Toyota 88C

Mr Slotcar (injection-moulded plastic)
Mazda 787B
Nissan R89C
Porsche 962 IMSA

Monogram (injection-moulded plastic)
March 83G

Le Mans Miniatures (resin)
Jaguar XJR14
Peugeot 905
Mazda 787B
Mazda MX-R01

BSR (resin)
Aston Martin Nimrod

Proto Slot Kit (resin)
Jaguar XJR5

SCX SRS-2 (injection-moulded plastic)
Jaguar XJR14
Mazda 787B

Scalextric (injection-moulded plastic)
Jaguar XJR9
Porsche 962C
Sauber Mercedes C9/88

The F1/Indy class is a bit more challenging. Other than the Fly Williams and Scalextric Ferrari 312T, there aren't a lot of other bodies readily available, that I'm aware of.

With kind regards,


· Russell Sheldon
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Hi Andi,

Yes, you are right. Both the Fly Lotus 78 and the Ostorero Lotus 79 qualify, however it would be a shame to break up the Fly cars just for the body, while the Ostorero Lotus 79 costs €98 for an unpainted kit.... Unfortunately, Classic don't make any eligible fibreglass F1 or Indy bodies either for Class 7 F1/Indy cars.

Mike, it may be worth combining CSCRA Class 6 (1971-1977 Formula 1 and Indy Cars) and Class 7 (1978-1982 Formula 1 and Indy Cars), since a lot more Class 6 bodies are currently available.

The CSCRA recommended wheel and tyre diameters are the same for both (front, minimum diameter 17mm / rear, minimum diameter 19mm) and the maximum width of the rear tyres are the same as well (14mm). The only difference is the minimum width of the front tyres; Class 6 is 6mm whereas Class 7 is 8mm minimum.

This will also enable those who are entering Class 6 F1/Indy cars in your February event to also enter them in this event, if they wish to.

With kind regards,


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Hi Russell. Yes i had been thinking about that as people would already have the CSCRA Class 6 cars from my February meeting.

So everyone CSCRA class 6 F 1 and Indy cars will also be eligible.
The rules are as follows for this class:-

Grand Prix class 6. 1971- 1977 Formula 1 and Indy Cars

Motor orientation: inline only
Front wheels and tyres; Min diameter 17mm, minimum width 6mm
(Tyrell P34 6 wheeler: Min diameter 13mm)
Rear wheels and tyres: Min diameter 19mm, max width 14mm
Minimum ground clearance:1.5mm
Track dimensions must be 1/32 scale within + or - 2mm but must not exceed a maximum overall width of 68mm.

So there you have it another class to keep costs down for next years event.

I have received very few responses to this post as perhaps readers think it is a hoax. I can assure you all that it isnot !!

Just imagine your other halves face when you go home and tell her you have won a free holiday and are taking her to a five star hotel in Dubai for three days plus flying by Emirates Airline !!

It can't get better than that and you will be in her good books for once !!

She will be pleased you go slot racing. Mike
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