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Well done to JK - a quality drive with a quality car.

Well do James T - an exceptional drive from a young inexperienced driver. It was a shame that his car didn't take the pressure as well as James did and gave out in the A final. Hopefully his experience and reward from driving consistently will encourage him to drive the same way in races to come. Perhaps some of the other youngsters will gain something from James' performance.

Just off the top of my head, I'd suggest that winning 3 finals in the least favoured lane is a record. I recall JK winning 3 finals (although whenever he has a bad heat he's always a bit of a 'ringer' in the finals
) but the first of those was in a more favoured lane. However, he did go on to win the A final.

It was good to see the different makes of cars - old and new scaleys and new SCX's. I think the more reliable and steady Scaley Indy's just shaded the evening's racing but that could well change as the series progresses and the newer cars bed in. Watch this space. BTW, there are still Scaley Indy's to be got both individually at around £30 (Pendle) and as a pit crew set at £23 (Top Slots n Trains). If you don't want the pit crew I'm sure Mike will happily add them to the scenery

Finally, well done to all 17 drivers for turning out in such awful weather.

The Porsches are prepped and ready for next week. I've cleaned out all the 'grass' that got in them from the last club car session!
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