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Prices, prices, prices. I spend allot of time shopping around for the best deals using the net since there is no real source of cars here in Greece. One thing I've found that makes a great difference in the prices I pay is the shipping. From the U.K. there are several shops that offer good prices on some items but I've found that I can save several pounds when I choose the one that ships free to Europe. So don't forget that in the price equation here in Europe. One thing that I have found interesting is that I can get Scalextric cars cheaper from Spain than from the U.K. Why is that? Conversely, there are a bunch of FLY classics on the market in the U.K. at much lower prices than I can find them at in Spain. I can get real good deals from Australia, get them sent here and still save a few Euros. With the dollar falling there are some good deals in the U.S. but for the most part dealers have not gotten the shipping down to reasonable levels to make it worth while and if the Nazi customs in the north country gets the package as it passes through on it's way to Greece I can always bet on paying a king's ransom in customs. This does not seem to be true in all cases however. I have ordered parts from ProfMotor and gotten them at a good price at low shipping cost (they didn't pass through German customs). Go figure. I thought all this free trade bull crap was suppose to make things better for us little guys. Well, why do I have to pay customs on an item made in China for a U.K. company that is sold from a dealer in the U.S.? Greece doesn't make slotcars so why is there a tax? Who are they protecting with this tariff? I think it's time for a Bosten Tea Party here in Europe.

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