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Having a good laugh with both Mr Crocker and Mr Modifier.

Of course the british actually had the solution to this problem 20 years ago . . . but the installed user bases of the 2 biggies meant it would never fly.

But the Arm chip in a humble Acorn Archimedes, and a chip based hardeware system, running at a pedestrian 40 MHz could blow the socks off anything the two american frutties were doing with Intel chips for the public at the time - and it didn't go mental on you, it didn't steadily eat system resources, and it didn't have all these other issues that oft-times drive us crazy.

Sadly, the little company went broke while they played with race cars, Olivetti did a bit, but it sank without trace except for Arm Ltd and the chips that powered half our electronic gadgets for a generation......

So now I have 8 processors running in tandem at 2.6 GHz, running like a snail half the time despite my best attempts to keep it up to speed for 2 years usable life....
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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