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Pro Mod Questions

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Get myself a Pro Mod soon but got couple of questions need to ask so can get car built,

1) Is there a limit on the type of material or strength of the motor or traction magnets?

2) What are the tracks voltage and amps limited to for the races?

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Good advice from all.
At one time it seemed like only BSRT chassis could be fastest but thanks to the perseverance of Andy Player the Wizzard Storm Extreme is now up amongst it, so much so that Marc and I have jumped that way.

While I'm sure Andys' car is better tweaked than mine the car that went so well at Worthing was not much more than an out of the packet Storm Extreme with the approved Wizzard SP05 3ohm arm, a change of brushes and springs, Harden Creek neo tractions and lower tyres. Total cost probably change from $60 and I'm hoping the only 'expendable' part, the arm, will last at least 3 meetings ($12).

Yes there are more tweaks to be had but minor ones and admittedly Andy was probably not having his best day at WHO but I was genuinely impressed with my cars pace considering how little I'd done to it, and they are a dream to work on.

"There are only two things to worry about in ProMod: running hot and running slow" Both have a lot to do with tyre height!

Hopefully you'll give it a go at Yelling, even if it's only few practice laps!

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1 - 1 of 65 Posts
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