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Pro Mod Questions

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Get myself a Pro Mod soon but got couple of questions need to ask so can get car built,

1) Is there a limit on the type of material or strength of the motor or traction magnets?

2) What are the tracks voltage and amps limited to for the races?

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The rules are here.

The power supply is limited to 1200mA (1580mA at HONK, where the 19V is one extra over the norm).
However, there are several to avoid.

I'd recommend you use the strongest motor magnets you can that are not Neo. Tractions get a set of Lucky Bob's Neos if he still makes them, and a set of Harden Creeks too.

Who is providing the car?
At lower speeds I don't think it matters so much, but I think the really mad stuff does, for stability.

They also use a lot of amps and very low resistance controllers.

Why do you ask?
Why not see how good a Pro you can borrow on Sunday Lee, if any, if Nascar does not run?
Hee Hee.

Lee is also thinking of going to CHORC and DHORC, winning there being new ambitions.

I keep telling him he is spreading himself too thin, but he is too keen to be told

As for ProMod it has always been inevitable that Lee would do it someday.
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Just don't rush into getting a Pro-Mod, talk at length to the existing guys. You do have a habit of rushing into things, that Über-keenness I guess.

if you solicit advice and get some back, take it. Don't let it be like the tyre size thing again
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I'm going to use my G3, but Jim did offer me his (and it's very quick) a while back, and may still have it. Not sure Craig would want to part with his, but it's certainly a way to get into the class.

Having said that I would get a Wizz built to the same spec as Andy if I was starting out today. Of the three chassis, it is easily the best to work on (and you will need to) thanks to the brush design.

As for banning Neo Marc, the class is by definition any magnet, and getting them right is half the, er, fun.
I'm still in a world of pain where I am losing arms, but at least I have a pretty good theory why. Up to now I have not put tall enough and firm enough rear tyres on the car, it is more important than ever to start high and work down.

The buzz is amazing though when it's all going well, I wish more people gave it a try. As somebody said most people don't stick with it. I can see why, but it's actually easier to get into it with the right kit now than it has ever been....
I'm still using poly motor mags, I don't know about anyone else.

One nice side-effect of using the after-market Neo tractions is we get away from all the Gary Beedle nonsense.
It will need to be correctly decorated to actually run though.

The stock magnets are around N30, and probably off-the-shelf, which is why the don't sit flush to the bottom of the chassis or even meet the retaining clip. When I had mine, I fitted G-Jet shims to stop them moving up in the chassis.

The Lucky Bob and Harden Creek magnets are made to do the job, and boy do they.
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I know you are only joshing with me, but the rules don't say it has to look like a real car. However, the do disallow plain bodies.

There are some really nice orange race cars out there even if you avoid the obvious.
Actually, to my mind all the legal ProMod cars are prototypical, since all that means is 'looks like it could be a real racing car'.

I have took it a little further to mean there must be sponsor decals and race numbers. You only have to look at some of the other UK lexans in use to see why.
QUOTE (Julian_Boolean @ 7 Sep 2012, 13:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The future is orange

Autoworld, the original company NOT the re-use of the name by Round2, even sponsored an orange racecar.

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To think an HO company could sponsor a car, and another a whole series.

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Yes, although I think they would look bad and handle poorly.

Andy regularly runs a Nascar body, and they look great. They obviously handle OK too
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It is a very tough class to get right, although I know you would love the cars. The right body is a fairly low priority I would say....
Then copy Andy P and run a Nascar body on a WHP platform, in Pro.

Upsides? Cheaper bodies, and you can run Gen6 and even Gen5 without losing out in performance terms.

Both HOST and Patto do some really cracking modern 'clear' Nascar bodies....
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