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Pro Mod Questions

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Get myself a Pro Mod soon but got couple of questions need to ask so can get car built,

1) Is there a limit on the type of material or strength of the motor or traction magnets?

2) What are the tracks voltage and amps limited to for the races?

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Concur with a lot of what Andy says, it is a lot easier than it was to get into because others (Andy in the case of the Wizzy) have spent the time and the money for you, like wise Martin and Jon the G3 and if Deane were to ever ban Neo's (can you hear my prayers in Essex) Clive and I would be sitting pretty having done the leg work on the Slottech.

BUT I think I have entered as many pro mod rounds as anyone and yet when Dave let me have aa little look at his overheating Extreme I couldn't diagnose the problem. Ok I didn't get to strip it down but the thing to remember is you are asking so much of every component it only takes ssomething really small to ruin your day. We have got into a situation like Art Alfonce and the Green Monster (for those familiar with the story) where he ended up asking bearings specced at 300mph to do 600!

That said those 16 mins are regularly the highlight of my slot racing month, and there's the thing just driving them is enough of a buzz to put up with not winning at first. One thing to consider is that Deane, Team Homewood and Jim have sorted G3's doing nothing. See if they are willing to lease or sell you one if you want to go that route? But if you go the Wizz route there are several of us, including Julian to seek help and advice from..... And they are faster!!
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I'm going to use my G3, but Jim did offer me his (and it's very quick) a while back, and may still have it. Not sure Craig would want to part with his, but it's certainly a way to get into the class.

Having said that I would get a Wizz built to the same spec as Andy if I was starting out today. Of the three chassis, it is easily the best to work on (and you will need to) thanks to the brush design.

As for banning Neo Marc, the class is by definition any magnet, and getting them right is half the, er, fun.
TBH I've found Pro-Mod to be no more frustrating than Mod, I've had the same problem in both - lack of straightline speed, I think this is due to me running the cars too low - they are great to drive though, you will finish a heat feeling dazed.
I'm still in a world of pain where I am losing arms, but at least I have a pretty good theory why. Up to now I have not put tall enough and firm enough rear tyres on the car, it is more important than ever to start high and work down.

The buzz is amazing though when it's all going well, I wish more people gave it a try. As somebody said most people don't stick with it. I can see why, but it's actually easier to get into it with the right kit now than it has ever been....
Yes only selfishly half joking about the neos because I loved hanging on to the poly cars and becaause the mags me and Clive have are really hard to find, we have 4 cars worth in multiple configurations.

Once the ultimate, since the arm regs changed just good for sticking stuff to the fridge.

Not a complaint, the class is good, not easy. In reality a ban would make no sense on any level. If the class were to die out I would pester you for an all ceramic re-birth though.
Do the Neos give more motor power or just more traction, just asking because I never had a problem with grip when I was running the P3
I'm still using poly motor mags, I don't know about anyone else.

One nice side-effect of using the after-market Neo tractions is we get away from all the Gary Beedle nonsense.
I think the standard P3 is all ceramic - but I'm probably wrong.
My P3s are completely stock apart from the Tyco 3.5 arm and double flanged rear wheels, but I suspect they'll be down on speed, we'll find out on the 30th.
I think you might find there is a big difference with the performance of Storm set-up we run and the P3 - both in terms of grip and motor speed. The extra grip means we can run the SP05 arm, which was a little too punchy in the P3. It also means we are carrying a lot more speed through the corners.

Otherwise, the Storms we run have the same motor mags (ceramic grade polymers) as the P3. Another amp or two and stronger poly motor mags and the 'factory' neo tractions might come into play. That's $50+ straight off - so I'm happy with the 1.2 amps

Like Marc and his Slottech, I really enjoyed developing the P3. I did beat some G3s with it on a good day and could beat either Clive or Marc (and both of them once, I think), but only if they had a problem. But the Storm is a different beast and is exhilarating to drive. And - believe it or not - cheaper to build
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Just bought a brand new Storm Extreme, under £27 including postage, looks like it has Neos already in it, hopefully it'll get here in the next two weeks, if it does we'll see what it goes like at Kesgrave.
The Extreme comes with neos, but they are a little weedy. It's the Harden Creek Storm neos that we've been running.

What you've got is exactly what I ran at NSR - the only difference being the HC neos and a used 3.5 ohm Tyco arm (not the balanced one). It was thrown together the night before.

On red and green I did 51.75 with the basic Storm and 45.8 on blue and yellow with a P3 that was developed as far as it could go. The Storm's fastest lap was 6.39 and the P3s was 7.32. That's what decided me on switching to develop the Storm.

The rest is history

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I've already got a couple of Tyco 3.5s, one has better balance and I'll put that one in the Storm, it'll be on stock magnets to start with, but if those are stronger than the stock P3 magnets they'll be fine for me.

It's one of the hard body Storms, it's cheaper than the soft body ones, and I've got a couple of Lexans ready to go that I used on the P3.
QUOTE (Julian_Boolean @ 7 Sep 2012, 09:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Just bought a brand new Storm Extreme, under £27 including postage, looks like it has Neos already in it, hopefully it'll get here in the next two weeks, if it does we'll see what it goes like at Kesgrave.

That's the greaat thing, it's not even expensive anymore. Low ohm arm and if you're going to start off with the stock Neos an axle with smaller OD and you'll be amazed how fast.

Would you mind bringing the hard body with you please? Just for a nosey.

Oh and BTW...WOO HOO Pro Mod is go for Kes!!!!! (Fingers crossed)
Of course I'll bring the hard body, I might even run it as it's a lovely orange colour.
It will need to be correctly decorated to actually run though.

The stock magnets are around N30, and probably off-the-shelf, which is why the don't sit flush to the bottom of the chassis or even meet the retaining clip. When I had mine, I fitted G-Jet shims to stop them moving up in the chassis.

The Lucky Bob and Harden Creek magnets are made to do the job, and boy do they.
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Mind you the HC neos don't meet the clip either, they are mighty impressive though.

Clive fabricated some nice shims for his, me being me I just left it to the rails and the fact they are a nice snug fit. So far so good.
QUOTE (montoya1 @ 7 Sep 2012, 11:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It will need to be correctly decorated to actually run though.

I'm sure I can find a plain orange Sportscar somewhere

No.6 car in background?
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I know you are only joshing with me, but the rules don't say it has to look like a real car. However, the do disallow plain bodies.

There are some really nice orange race cars out there even if you avoid the obvious.
I know, my problem is lack of decals, TBH that hard body is quite a similar shape to my lexan Porsche 962 (which doesn't look like a 962).

It probably looks as much like a Mclaren Can Am car as it does like anything else.

I'll probably end up using the 962 body anyway, this is all assuming it arrives in time anyway.
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