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Pro Mod Questions

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Get myself a Pro Mod soon but got couple of questions need to ask so can get car built,

1) Is there a limit on the type of material or strength of the motor or traction magnets?

2) What are the tracks voltage and amps limited to for the races?

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Deane - yes flush as, when I pushed them in they didn't seem keen to move again.

Julian, he says that then when you turn up with just numbers, he wants sponsors, you turn up with sponsors, he wants a better body It's like dealing with an Asian bookmaker.

Looking forward to revealing my new 'shell at Kesgrave, not prototypical but very cool IMHO
Actually, to my mind all the legal ProMod cars are prototypical, since all that means is 'looks like it could be a real racing car'.

I have took it a little further to mean there must be sponsor decals and race numbers. You only have to look at some of the other UK lexans in use to see why.
Oh yes I get it, it was just a lighthearted way of saying you may think you can get away with something but you can't.

I was just using the word as it is used in model railways, as in there is no real world/full scale example (or prototype) on which the model is based.

I'm hoping, like tracks can be, it will be better for being a model racing car not a model of a racing car.
QUOTE (Julian_Boolean @ 7 Sep 2012, 13:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The future is orange

Autoworld, the original company NOT the re-use of the name by Round2, even sponsored an orange racecar.

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That looks like an M12, but could be an M8 (they have very similar bodywork)
How cool is that!!!! Looks like an 8 but don't know what letter.

I know 'The Market' wouldn't put up with the winning margins now but when you think about Can Am it's so sad that F1 and LMP1 are the only development formulas left.

Oh and EAHORC Pro Mod of course.
Apparently (according to tinternet) it's an M8B

And IMO F1 has reached the same level as NASCAR for rules, the only rules should be on engine size, fuel capacity and overall car dimensions.
To think an HO company could sponsor a car, and another a whole series.

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I don't know what's more amazing about that series, the sponsor or the cars, both really.
Or that you can now get a 1:32 slot car version of a 1:1 car sponsored by a 1:64 slot car
You can't see it from the great side-on photo, but Oscar Kowalski's Car 54 had a slot car track painted around its top surface - decals available from Patto!
I still got some bits left to bild some pro mod g3r if any one wont's any
Are NASTRUCK lexan bodies allowed for Pro Mod?
Yes, although I think they would look bad and handle poorly.

Andy regularly runs a Nascar body, and they look great. They obviously handle OK too
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Ok thanks just wondered
It is a very tough class to get right, although I know you would love the cars. The right body is a fairly low priority I would say....
Been looking. Obviously nascar always be my first love but Pro Mod be nice to do. Keeping all options open
Then copy Andy P and run a Nascar body on a WHP platform, in Pro.

Upsides? Cheaper bodies, and you can run Gen6 and even Gen5 without losing out in performance terms.

Both HOST and Patto do some really cracking modern 'clear' Nascar bodies....
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