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Pro Racing In The Sixties

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In the collection of cars legated by Bruce Paschal to the Marconi Foundation for Kids Museum in Tustin, California, is this beautifully 1967 car built by Terry Schmid, then a member of Team Checkpoint in the USA. The car has been partially restored (actually just cleaned up) and a Champion mill has been temporarily installed, as the original motor is being restored.

Exquisite workmanship and clear thinking abounds, like these axle washers to lower the friction of the front wheels while cornering.

Lubrication holes on the rear axle bearings for quick pit stops.

Looking at this car and comparing to the immense piles of amateur hand-built garbage from the same period often seen on E-pay, one understands why these guys DID get the magazines attention then: like Pete Hagenbuch, Dick Dobson and Gene Wallingford in the midwest, they were the best.

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