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Pro Racing In The Sixties

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In the collection of cars legated by Bruce Paschal to the Marconi Foundation for Kids Museum in Tustin, California, is this beautifully 1967 car built by Terry Schmid, then a member of Team Checkpoint in the USA. The car has been partially restored (actually just cleaned up) and a Champion mill has been temporarily installed, as the original motor is being restored.

Exquisite workmanship and clear thinking abounds, like these axle washers to lower the friction of the front wheels while cornering.

Lubrication holes on the rear axle bearings for quick pit stops.

Looking at this car and comparing to the immense piles of amateur hand-built garbage from the same period often seen on E-pay, one understands why these guys DID get the magazines attention then: like Pete Hagenbuch, Dick Dobson and Gene Wallingford in the midwest, they were the best.

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I can see a chassis but no car
Wouldn`t think it very clever to call anyones work `garbage` though
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Hey first of all I am the last person to be P.C. but there are rules here and that prevents me from posting what I honestly think about your last post. Secondly I don`t take any of this so seriously that I need to take medication, so I suggest you have a taste of your own medicine before you try dishing it out to me. Nor do I need advice on humour from a Yank! Anything else you have to say on this subject you can e mail to me to prevent either of us getting posts deleted by moderators or offending any of the more gentle types. That ok?
I reckon you missed the point P. Truth is it`s nothing to do with being PC or suing anyone, but in a community where we all have a common interest then it makes sense to refrain from calling other peoples work garbage. Nothing to do with misunderstanding your humour which, by the way comes no way as near to the knuckle as the British squaddie type I`m used to, so just accept that I made a small point of saying I don`t reckon it`s the way to go. I design and paint figures for a living and see all sorts of paint jobs but not everyone is a `pro`, whatever that is in a hobby? I mentioned the missing car body because I thought you might add a pic, I`ve posted before that I really like this era of car.

It`s only my opinion based on trying to keep it friendly. Making comments like that comes across as arrogant as if whatever you are involved in is top notch and the rest of us don`t come up to scratch? There , that was civilised wasn`t it eh? No stomach cramps here except the Mrs once a month and no need for pills either. Not a roach in sight either and so no need for the pentagon to get alarmed and send the Marines in looking for a slot terrorist, they couldn`t find me without the help of the British Army anyway
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Cannot disagree with you on the points regarding learning, (ex Gunnery Instructor and ex History teacher) . We have more in common than you think, which is why the PC label don`t stick on me, me old china! More than happy to learn from others on this forum but we are above all a bunch of mates sharing a common leisure interest . Does for me and I`d still like to see the rest of the car?
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Don`t get me started on revisionist historians, I start foaming at the mouth! My theory on that one is that these people pull apart and rewrite history because the way this world is going they will never,never live up to the standards of the past and some of the examples set by people in the past, the like of which we will never see again.
That`s about right. Movies have a lot to answer for and nowadays seem to change history at every turn. The plain facts are good enough and stand the test of time.
Wankel is correct to remind us of the above, we don`t need to get into politics and the state of the planet and I`m as guilty of straying as Mr. P. here . Before I give myself a right telling off for adding to this I`m gonna nail my colours to Mr. P`s mast because he`s right. Enough said,end of politics except to close let me keep on the subject of slots and kids. I doubt anyone here is more involved with the youth of today and Slot racing than me. I am running seven days a week and have been for two and a half years now. The kids that race at the club are great, most after some training lets say. Basics like good manners and the respect of other peoples property and that others matter and also that shouting doesn`t always get you the attention that you seek. So yes, great kids keen on racing and a pleasure to be involved with, mostly.

I`ve just got in from running an event for some local Scouts.I`m 41 and have an image of the Scouts that clearly needs amending. For a start they are now a mixed sex organisation. Remember this is still relevant to slot racing. I have just spent the last three hours sorting out them,the adults supposedly `in charge` of them, and repairing my bloody hard work. Fixing barriers, light bulbs,trees and scenary, stickers,cleaning up coke from the track,pulling all sorts out of the rails and repairing and cleaning the trashed toilets. The noise level was out of this world, but obviously normal for the cretins in charge who said nothing.

Now, for those who don`t know me let me fill you in just in case you think I`m a wall flower. I`m an ex Sergeant-major in the British Army, the proper Army,old school and I`m bloody scarey. Whilst I`m affable enough you would not want to get the wrong side of me,trust me. With 18 years service I`ve seen the lot, been to war,done N. Ireland tours , Bosnia and the rest. Even so I struggled tonight to control these animals. What gets me the most is the contrast between my ideas on social behaviour and the morons that were responsible for this lot. To them it was ok, just kids being kids. That`s what worries me the most and to stay on subject I`m glad that Slot racing clubs do exist because there doesn`t seem to be much else out there to keep kids steered in the right direction. To finish, let me just say again I am 100% behind Mr. P but yep, makes sense to leave this kind of discussion out of this Forum. For one I come here to unwind and read the good stuff my fellow hobbyists posts.
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It all seems pretty clear and reasonable to me
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