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There was a good turnout of 16 drivers for last night's Pro-Saloon class, which saw the emergence of the Racer Sideways Capri as a interesting alternative to the NSR Clios and Abarth S 2000s once they are fully sorted.

The results were: -

1 - Jim - 25 pts + 1 pts for fastest lap (6.706s)
2 - Mike - 23 pts
3 - Alex - 21 pts
4 - Alan - 20 pts
5 - Peter - 19 pts
6 - Roger - 18 pts
7 - Oli - 17 pts
8 - Viv - 16 pts
9 - Alf - 15 pts
10 - Roy - 14 pts
11 - Jordan - 13 pts
12 - Chris - 12 pts
13 - James - 11 pts
14 - Keith - 10 pts
15 - Dave - 9 pts
16 - Richard - 8 pts (after a evening beset with car troubles)

Next week:
Tuesday - practice evening
Wednesday - Standard Sports/GT

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Well done Jim. Another fine drive with very fast cars.
The Jagermeister Capri looked very nice.

Well done Mike for an excellent 2nd place keeping Jim on his toes for the whole of the A final.

Also a good performance from Ollie.

Interesting to note that Jim put in the fastest lap time (in the heats) and won the A final in Yellow lane - an outside lane. So, like last week with Red lane, it would seem that as long as you can negotiate the couple of slightly tighter corners then the outside lanes are on level pegging with the two inside lanes.

Overall best lane last night was Blue lane (inside) with the same best results as Red lane (outside) but with more fastest laps. Green and Yellow were only 16% worse and were equal with each other on results and best times.

I probably wont keep posting the track analysis results, but being involved with the design and build of the track I was interested in (and thought others might be vaguely interesed in) how the track and the lanes performed once it had been rubbered in and had settled down.

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Another good night with close racing. Interesting to see how each lane compares to the other but i think that the design of the new track captures all the good points of the old track and additionally incorporates new features which are also good.

Very surprised that i was able to finish second as my car wasn't 100% last night and the A final had very good drivers in it.

Also, the youngsters are driving very well which i think should be congratulated,
plus they are good polite kids and are our future at Presto Park.

See you all Tuesday. Mike
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