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Well done Jim for a fine display of consistently fast driving.

Well done Alex for pushing him all the way (nearly) to the end.

This A final was as good to watch as the A final on Monday (with Jon and Andy) with very fast close racing for just about all the race.

I was puzzled by the track as well. Maybe it was 'flexing' due to the hot weather (anyone would think it's summer
) and will settle down again.

Talking of the track, I've done a rough and ready analysis of last night's results ....

Using a very quick and dirty factoring of (for example) 2 x 1st = 2, 3 x 2nd = 6 and so on ....

Yellow Lane (one of the outside lanes!) produced the lowest score (29) i.e. the best overall performance for results, then Red lane (31) (the other outside lane!), then Green lane (32), and finally Blue lane (38).

However, although Blue lane produced the worst overall results, it produced the highest number of best lap times (6 out of 13), then Red lane (4), then Green lane (2), and finally Yellow (1), a reversal of the best race results!

Not sure what this all means, but I suggest that maybe all the lanes are reasonably well matched and that we have no single 'loser lane'.
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