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The first Pro-Sports/GT meeting on our new track was highly successful and the limiting of the power to 12v was welcomed by all. We have come to expect outstanding drives by Alex and he didn't disappoint whilst James H showed what he can achieve when he puts his mind to it. The fastest lap went to Jon at 6.436s

The results were as follows: -

1 Jon - 25 pts + 1 fastest lap.
2 Peter - 23 pts (good to see Peter back on form)
3 Alex - 21 pts
4 James H - 20 pts (well done young man)
5 Roger - 19 pts
6 Alan - 18 pts
7 Mike - 17 pts
8 Mark - 16 pts
9 Viv - 15 pts
10 Oli - 14 pts
11 Richard - 13 pts (after a night-long struggle with his hand controller)
12 Roy - 12 pts
13 Keith - 11 pts

Next week Standard Sports/GT

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A good night of racing.

Well done Jon for a strong performance.
Your car would look so much better with the spoiler attached.

My result was a bit flattering as some of the top drivers were noticable by their absence. Still, make the most of it while you can. Oh, and I was ahead of a World Champion beater.

A very good race between James H and Roger in the B Final. The Pro classes are not Roger's favourite, but James drove very well to take first place on the last lap.

Some people (and their controllers?
) seemed to take a while to adjust to the 12v power, but once they had, it was 'normal service resumed'. I believe it will make the Pro classes (as the intention is still to run 13.8v for the standard classes) just that bit more manageable for the majority of club members, and a bit less 'demolition derby'.

The new track seems to be settling in OK and is rubbering in nicely. The dust issue should improve with the track being covered after racing. Someone please remember to stay at the end to help Mike to put the covers on. It's the least you can do after an enjoyable evening's racing.

Viv, thanks for all your help with the computer. Hopefully things will run smoother next week.
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