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I'm actually new to the hobby (outside my experiences as kid with H.O.) and to the this forum and I'm now in the digital frontier.

For Christmas, Santa bought for my kid a Pro-X set and my family wound up completely enthralled with it - so much so that we are already thinking about expanding it so I was wondering what would be the best strategy for expansion.

Should I buy another Pro-X set or collect addition LCs, cars, controllers, etc.? Purchasing 2 extra cars, controllers, and LCs would be roughly $180, so this starts to approach the cost of just getting a new new set, and I'd wind up with additional track, power supply (is it possible leverage both on the same track?), and black box (I take it this would be redundant ). However, the extra track would consist of more straights and 2 more 2/30 degree banks, which may limit layout possibilities and I'd also have identical car models (perhaps the bodies can be switched out or just apply extra stickers/strips to differentiate the cars).


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