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Probably old news

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I'm sure I have seen mention of this before but I just had occasion to go back and look for some of my old build threads. It appears that everything prior to 2004 is gone. There are also some post that date that appear to be missing. As I recall, this all began with a major revision to the forum some time ago. I thought there was some commitment to retrieve the lost material but apparently that was abandoned.

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From my experience, you definitely cannot search for older threads.

If you know the author, you should be able to look at their own threads. That is how I found my threads.... not by using the search feature.


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I have updated the search settings so you should now be able to find everything back to the beginning. Nothing I can do about any threads you believe are missing. I have always found that the search feature will find everything, providing you use it correctly.
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I did not use the search function - I just called up "My content" and went to the oldest. That was how I discovered that anything prior to 2004 was missing.

If you go to 'my content' now it should be fixed. Older stuff was still there, it just wasn't showing.
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