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Problem with Scalextric C7042 & SCP 2 Digital Controller

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A couple of us who race at Pantyffynnon club are having a really strange problem with our SCP 2 controllers.

Essentially we have some APBs that the SCP2 works with and some that don't. Here is a break down:

The APBs

Leon has 1 (power mod)

RichP has 2 (1 power mod, 1 standard)

James has 1 (standard)

The Club has 2 (both power modded)

The SCP 2s

Leon has SCP201D - 8 dip switch, box states works with C7042

RichP has SCP201D - 8 dip switch

James has SCP201DZ1 - 6 dip switch, box states works with C7042

The controllers don't work on either of the two Club APBs. Leon's doesn't work on his APB.

RichP's controller works on both of his home APB, the standard and the power modded one. But does not work on the club ones.

James' controller works on his at home but doesn't work at the club.

All controllers are dip switched correctly for the C7042.

So it appears that the issue is with the APB, is there some sort of difference between them?
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Thta's a real pain Leon, obvious questions here, based on my assumption that all was working together at some point ......

1 - What has changed physically from when it was working?

2 - Have you updated any software/firmware from when it was working?
On the APB's that they don't work on, they have never worked.

However James' SCP201DZ1 worked first time on one of the club APB's but not on the other... and now doesn't work on either.

This is the first time we have really tried to use these controllers, we have all been using Truspeeds up to now.
All the APBs are on firmware v1.09

All the power modded ones were upgraded by RikoRocket (so we assume were all modded in the same way). My home modded APB uses the same 15A psu as the Club and the same cable and SSDC. So in theory my home track is a clone of the club track (just not as long). My home track is not power tapped but the club track is.

All we can think of is that some C7042s have internal differences. But not being APB gurus we have no idea what it might be.

By the way the problem persists whether the APB is connected to a PC or is standalone. Even with the APB track section disconnected from the rest of the track the problem persists which narrows it down to the APB itself.
I do not have any SCP2 controllers ........ but how are they supposed to connect to SSD and control the cars?
They plug into the standard jack sockets, so I assume use resistance values like the others.
There is a digital cartridge that offers standard resistance values to the APB via the standard jack. The controller has a viper connector to the APB (or a separate psu) to power it as it uses a hall sensor and electronics to convert hall sensor position to resistance value. Other knobs control throttle curve and anti-spin which basically controls how that resistance value is fed into the jack. For example with anti-spin it converts a sharp throttle squeeze into a slower resistance increase so acceleration is slower and reduces the tendency to wheel spin. But as far as the APB is concerned it sees throttle values of 0-5.1k and the increments for brake and lane change.
OK ..... do normal throttles work with these APBs in all of the sockets?
Good question. If you mean TruSpeeds then yes all versions of Truspeed for SSD work in all sockets. I cant remember the last time I saw an actual Scalextric Digital throttle.

Mind you I had a weird couple of weeks when my Truspeeds totally misbehaved on the Club APB (sudden massive power surges every lap or so) but not my home setup half an hour later. Then suddenly they are working everywhere again and no I didnt clean them in between not working and working.
Would it help if I sent you a known working, un-modded APB to try?
Interesting development which may explain why home ones work and at the club it don't...

So I powered my SCP2 using a separate Scalextric 15v power supply - the same type that are used to power the APB and it doesn't work... so that is one power supply to power the SCP and nothing else. One power supply to power the APB electronics and a Bench power supply to power the track - nothing.

Now I moved the vampire cables to tap into the scalextric power supply that feeds the APB electronics and I get functionality but with another problem, more on this later.. so one power supply to power both the SCP and the APB and a Bench power supply to power the track and I have it working.

At the club I think we always tried to power the SCPs using a separate power feed, maybe it has to use the same feed as the APB electronics in order for it to work. Kind of makes it harder for us to power 6 SCPs on a race night but certainly something we can work with.

Now I have a new problem in that my motor pulses when using the SCP!!!

I'll upload a video to show what I just tried to explain :)
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Greg - thanks for the offer but my unmodded APB works with the SCP02 - I can lend it to Leon if he needs it as its sat in a box doing nothing.
I have a feeling that the motor pulsating has something to do with the frequency of the PWM driver ....... some household LEDs have the same problems when used with dimmers ......

@Leon ...... I can't see the video. It's just a black box ......... :(
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That's weird Greg, here is the direct link

All I can suggest now is to try swapping the cartridges around the controllers ........
Very strange. I was going to ask what the symptoms are, but the video cleared that up. I have no idea why it would be doing this.

Hopefully can review and provide some guidance.
I understand that there are two separate power supplies. If this is the case, and the two power supplies do not share a common ground, then the system cannot work.

It's ok to have separate power supplies as long as they are attached to one single ground.

Have you tried using one single supply for all - PB and controllers?
Yes it appears to work when I use the same power supply for controller and APB, but I get a pulsing at the motor. if you look at the second half of this video:
Does the pulsing happen on all tracks, or just certain ones?

It sounds like the byproduct of the variable braking on the SCP for SSD, which pulses brakes and a very low throttle level so that the car doesn't stop so hard. I noticed that your brakes were set to about half way. Does the pulsing change in frequency if you turn the brake knob up or down?
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