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Problems with Avant Slot cars on Scalextric Digital in Analog mode

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Santa brought me a nice christmas present, a set of Avant Slot cars, the 2008 Le Mans winners set with 3 cars. I love the design and the cars seem interesting with lots of abilities right out of the box for adjusting, but as soon as I put them on the track, I experience some problems. I run a Scalextric digital track with the advanced powerbase and to run these cars I put the track in Analog mode.

The problem is that the cars keep "jumping", as if they lack and gain electricity. If i put two cars on the same track, they stop jumping and run a bit smoother, tho I dont "feel" them as smooth as for instance my Slot It cars or my NSR cars.

What can be causing the "jumping" behaviour? Are they for some reason not liking the digital track in analog mode? Or is it a volt/amp problem? I think the advanced powerbase on the Scalextric produces 15v? Or can it be something more simple like old braiding or...?

I have 20+ cars something, and these are the only ones that behave like this and I am of course curious to find out why and solve it. Any suggestions or help would be much appreiciated.

// Micke
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I have seen this with some cars, it appears to get a circuit resonance with particular motors. Probably there is a hardware mod that could be done to de-tune against that particular motor, but then it might move to be in harmony with a different motor. When I get some headroom I'll have a look.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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