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Are you using SSDC software? There was this running away at full speed issue a few releases back but it has now been solved - if you are using SSDC then upgrade to the latest firmware to your powerbase and upgrade SSDC to the latest release.

Rev F chips are also problematic. If you bought these recently from a dealer then take them back because they sold you old stock. A few people on SlotForum have done this and received replacement chips so Scalextric acknowledge it's an issue.

If they came with the cars or you bought them a while ago then the only thing to do is look into the MIH chip upgrade - I haven't gone down this path but a lot of people have and are pleased with the result.

I run 8 transits based on the Scalextric F430 and three unconverted F430's. Two of my racing buddies also run F430's and we have never had a problem with any of them. But all our chips are Rev G and our SSDC software is fairly up to date.

You might also want to get hold of some Inox MX3. It is magic go juice for digital cars, it really does live up to its reputation. It won't help with your current issues but once sorted it will make your cars run so much sweeter.
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