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The Paper Clip of Doom was honored to host Professor Motor (a.k.a. Andy Smith) at this week's race night. Everyone had fun as the Professor learned a few of the secrets of Doom. His pristine collection of Mustangs were driven hard and marked by the Doom speedway. It was as if they came under attack by a fast group of bloodthirsty demons. Next, a beautiful Carerra Superbird was cast around the track like bait for the still-hungry demons. They came, they saw, they feasted on the Bird's bones. The smoldering wreckage was unrecognizeable. Denuded of his vaunted squad, the Guardians of Doom took pity on the Professor (as they are very respectful and thankful for the Professor) and made some of the fine machinery (of Doom) available to him. He is a strong competitor with much experience albeit none so swift and brutal as on the P.C.o.D. A very resilient racer, he quickly learned to drive with the demon's tools and made a good showing going toe-to-toe with the strongest racers on the track. The Professor, like many others learned the value of the nets around the track and their role containing the mayhem that is racing on the Paper Clip of Doom. Professor Motor has a standing invitation to race here whenever he likes, though I suspect he will come much better prepared next time.
In short, the racing was a real hoot!
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