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Progress Report: F50GT Chassis #4

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Well - I think I am done with the major surgery on creating F50GT #4 from a Ninco F50 road car.

Calling it chassis #4 (yes I know they only made 3) allowed me to take a few liberties on the NACA vents on the rear cowl, that I just did NOT feel like carving.

I may one day go back and redo the rear wing with either brass sheet or thinner styrene, but for now I just wanted something robust enough to run.

The car is really well balanced, and is a blast to run on my short twisty track. I have upgraded the motor to an NC5 and in fact, this and my F40LM (ex-SCX now running V12) are my favourites to run with.

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Thanks for the kind words - I am having great fun with these kitbashed slots. Way better than 1:24 statics.. You get to actually drive these 1:32 babies..
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