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Project 240Z

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Hi every one
I've been lurking about here for a while and thought I would post a link to my latest creation.
I've been posting about my chassis for a while on the SCI board and though I'd through them up here as well.

Thanks for looking

240Z link
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Hi Nuro

Why didn't you - whilst you were about it - bring the motor behind the front axle? Or was that a weight thing?

The first chassis I did was a direct copy of the viper . I set it up top hold a Little Ripper - Plafit sized motor. I found there was a shortage of choices in that size so I modified the chassis design to hold the larger ninco motors as well. Actually you could mount the smaller motor in the rear position if you wanted to.

Instead of the magnet, what about leaving a little strategic weight?

As far as the weight issue I tried to make the chassis as light as practical. This way if someone wants to add weight they can place it as they deem necessary And magnet racers can keep the weight low.
I asked if you were going into business... I se that you are. Do it now for the New Viper.

As far as the business goes this is really just a sideline that will hopefully pay for my hobby. Or at the very least I'll end up with a cool chassis under most of my cars. I'm planning on eventually doing the new viper.

QUOTE (Fergy @ 14 Sep 2004, 23:09)Very nice work, Derek!

Although.... (mumble, mumble)... it is tough to congratulate someone when they have the very shell I want!
I had two '73 240s! Now that I want a 1/32 body shell, I can't seem to find one.

I have a 73 240 that I've had for 20 years or more. Unfortunately I had to pull it off the road a few years back but I have grand plans to get it going again ths winter.

I use the body and interior from a Arii fairlady kit. They pop up frequently on epay.

I'm putting an order in for 10 kits probably next week so I should have stock on them if your interested.

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