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Project 240Z

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Hi every one
I've been lurking about here for a while and thought I would post a link to my latest creation.
I've been posting about my chassis for a while on the SCI board and though I'd through them up here as well.

Thanks for looking

240Z link
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Very nice work, Derek!

Although.... (mumble, mumble)... it is tough to congratulate someone when they have the very shell I want!
I had two '73 240s! Now that I want a 1/32 body shell, I can't seem to find one.
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Derek, I don't do eBay, but if you get your hands on those kits, I'd gratefully buy a couple from you! Just let me know when and how!

I had a new 240 in '73 but got rid of it when I first got married in '75.
Later, in '83, I picked up a used one in great shape (not too common here in Canada), and slowly migrated it from stock to hot street/track condition. Unfortunately, the front subframe finally let go from fatigue, and I sold it for parts to a friend in about '97. The Z was one of those great cars that ANYone could work on and tune/modify to whatever level you wanted. And they are an absolute blast to drive! My (second) wife is actually keeping her eyes out for another one - she loved driving it as much as I did.
Hope you get yours back together soon!
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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