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ProNoMag 2012

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Date: October 26, 2012
number of cars per entrant: max. 3
The track: app. 38ft. 3 lane wood track, latex paint, copper tape for the rails - magnets have no effect
the race: race will be run in lane 1 and 3, 25 laps practice, 30 laps race, the slowest 5 times will be deleted
the power supply: each lane has a seperate adjustable powersupply, 1.25 to 19V @ 3 Amp available
the timing: IR light bridge and laptimer 2000
the controllers: available controllers: 90/75/60 ohm parma eco, 45/35/25 Parma eco, 25/18/13 parma eco, 15/11/8 parma eco, i will choose the controller where the car is driveable as its best during the practice laps.
entry fee: 5$

1) car must be approximately 1/43rd
2) max. width 50.8mm
3) no fluid may leak out, no grease, oil or braid juice may pollute the track, no tire glue or similar
4) teams may ask for a special voltage where the car should be run.
the standard racing voltage depends on the motor. I will run all car @ 12V, SCX and Carrera motors @14V, G9330 motors @ 10V. Again, if i get another information, i will run the car at the desired voltage.
5) car must have a body that looks like a car
6) no silicone tires, rubber and PU are fine,

concours de elegance: the best looking car will be voted by a poll open for all forum members

so i think these rules are wide open, so ladies and gentleman, i call you all out there to build your fastest, smoothest 1/43rd car for this race.
send in your trucks from the truck proxy we already had, just tune your stock SCX car a little and maybe blow the doors off all others, built something that was not seen before, it´s up to you.
Who will have the fastest car?
Small tip: K&D tires, Ortmann or JelClaws are the ones which work really good, foam tires don´t have grip on the flat latex surface.

The prices:
the first pick will go to the concours winner, than to the winner of the race, 2nd place concours, 2nd place race and so on...

list of prizes by now:
#1 Carrera Go! Porsche Spyder
#2 1/43rd 3D printed chassis for boxer (H0) Motor

list to be continued ....

have fun, Peter
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Hi Jaak
Glad to see you in the fray!!
I will be sending my cars from the ISP43 we just ran at Peter's and my Track. Let me tell you about the car that won and got the fast time at Peter's track. Peter has posted pictures of the chassis that you can look up if you wish. Peter's car won the over all championship! but that's another story!

It is a wire and brass chassis that Marty Stanley showed how to build on SCI. ( FT Slotter ) slightly modified.
I put in a 050 motor obtained from Kihm at Slotcar Express. I call it a V12. I don't know what the rpm rating is on it and Kihm has no more available. In chatting to him it may be similar to the D-slot " fast " motor you can get for the d-slot. You should be able to get one in France as Europe gets 1/43 stuff way before we can in Canada.
There are four left in the states as I ordered the last 5 from Chuck at ASCW. Whoever sells D-Slots in Europe should have access.
The gearing is 8/34, brass pinion and aluminum crown, from Ranch Design 3/32" (.085 ) axle at the rear and 1/16" axle for the front
Tires are a little special. I got 1/32 scale foam tires from Lee Gilbert They are the .0.40 "rims. The foam is already gluded on. Trued them to .60" and rounded the edges. Then I coated them with Smooth-on's liquid urathane, Reo flex 30. ( Foam tires do not grip on Peter's track ) I gave them 5 coats by rolling the tires thought a small puddle of the mix and letting it cure for a couple of hours then rolliing them throught a newly mixed puddle of the stuff and so on for the five coats. It turns out five coats was not enough as the urathane wore off at my leg of the series but it was enough for Peter's leg. The Reoflex has an unusual mix ratio so you will need a Jeweler's scale to get the ratio right. That is good as you can mix small amounts and not waste so much for each coat. The scales are around $ 30.00 off the internet. After letting the last coat cure for 24 hours I trued them lightly one last time.
Tires and rim final size is 0.60" diameter and 0.468" width.
Total car width is 1.98". Just under Peter's 2.00" maximum or 50.80 mm max.

The other car I sent had a flat sheet brass chassis and a resin cast body that was very heavy. The motor was the same as what is being added to the chassis Peter is giving as a prize. This motor burnt up during Peter's leg. My thoughts are the car was too heavy for the motor or the gearing was too tall, pulling a large amount of amps on acceleration and heating the motor. On Peter's car the combination of that style of motor with His very light printed chassis made his car scarry fast.

Hope ths helps a little.

Cheers Ted
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Steve runs a one man show at Ranch Design, He'll get back to you shortly.
I usually order more then what I need for future builds. It's good to have a small cash of parts.
D-slot also has some softer tires you can get as accessories. Perhaps they may work better, Also Chuck at ASCW has urathanes for the d-slot made by K&D.

Smooth-on's Reoflex can be gotten in 6 different degrees of hardness the 30 is right in the middle of that range. I want to experiment with some of the other hardnesses but at $30.00 for one, it will be a wait to try the others. The softer ones will give better bite but may wear off sooner, I'm thinking and therfore require more coats or give too muck bite and roll the car over, at least on the narrow wheel base cars.
That is what my scale goes to. Perfect for the job!
Also I found the d-slot 917 was not as fast as the 962 because of the wider wheelbase on the 962. It's just got the weight distributed out better and like a cat, low and wide meant faster. These were on the stock ones and on my track. Just saying.

Cheers Ted
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Aw!!! The techno slot!!!
I got one Jaak. It is very good and pretty quick on my track. A little awkward to put together, but once sorted out it runs well. One of my favourites. I got a review of it here on the forum. Has press on wheels and gears but the tires arn't too bad. It also has a stock SCX motor. It has plastic bearings that don't let the back axle rattle around too badly and is adjustable for wheel base.
Here's a video of it running about.

That is with a resin cast rally car body.
You are right it has possibilities. It could do very well at Peter's track with a light, low cg body and some urethane or Otterman tires.

Cheers Ted
Good stuff here!
Everyone seems to be getting into the spirit of the race.
Nice looking car Mas.

The photography you do is amazing Peter.

Cheers Ted
Veery Nice!
It's going to be a good show.

Cheers Ted
My cars were put in the post to-day. 24 days to the race, they should get there in time.

Peter, the entry fee is per car, right?

Thanks Ted
Nice pair of cars!
I too will be very interested in how the Widened Focus runs. It is good to step out of ones' comfort zone once in a while. The stance of that car should help with it getting around the corners. Would love to see some video of the cars running.

Don't send the car, Please??? !!!
I got enough competition!!!

Just kidding mate. Glad that you decided to send it.

Lloyd, are you going to make it in?

Boy, Peter you are going to have a good time of it. I wished I was there.

Good luck to all.

Cheers Ted
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