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ProNoMag 2012

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Date: October 26, 2012
number of cars per entrant: max. 3
The track: app. 38ft. 3 lane wood track, latex paint, copper tape for the rails - magnets have no effect
the race: race will be run in lane 1 and 3, 25 laps practice, 30 laps race, the slowest 5 times will be deleted
the power supply: each lane has a seperate adjustable powersupply, 1.25 to 19V @ 3 Amp available
the timing: IR light bridge and laptimer 2000
the controllers: available controllers: 90/75/60 ohm parma eco, 45/35/25 Parma eco, 25/18/13 parma eco, 15/11/8 parma eco, i will choose the controller where the car is driveable as its best during the practice laps.
entry fee: 5$

1) car must be approximately 1/43rd
2) max. width 50.8mm
3) no fluid may leak out, no grease, oil or braid juice may pollute the track, no tire glue or similar
4) teams may ask for a special voltage where the car should be run.
the standard racing voltage depends on the motor. I will run all car @ 12V, SCX and Carrera motors @14V, G9330 motors @ 10V. Again, if i get another information, i will run the car at the desired voltage.
5) car must have a body that looks like a car
6) no silicone tires, rubber and PU are fine,

concours de elegance: the best looking car will be voted by a poll open for all forum members

so i think these rules are wide open, so ladies and gentleman, i call you all out there to build your fastest, smoothest 1/43rd car for this race.
send in your trucks from the truck proxy we already had, just tune your stock SCX car a little and maybe blow the doors off all others, built something that was not seen before, it´s up to you.
Who will have the fastest car?
Small tip: K&D tires, Ortmann or JelClaws are the ones which work really good, foam tires don´t have grip on the flat latex surface.

The prices:
the first pick will go to the concours winner, than to the winner of the race, 2nd place concours, 2nd place race and so on...

list of prizes by now:
#1 Carrera Go! Porsche Spyder
#2 1/43rd 3D printed chassis for boxer (H0) Motor

list to be continued ....

have fun, Peter
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It's always a good day when a package from Ranch Design shows up in the mailbox

_D7K2831 by Dattodesign, on Flickr

Printed chassis with motor wheels, and some fat meats!

_D7K2834 by Dattodesign, on Flickr

Rear tires need chamfering to fit cleanly under the wheel-wells

_D7K2832 by Dattodesign, on Flickr
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Datto, erm.. That car is tre' sexy! I dig it! Thanks for sharing!

coming along great Marc!
The rear details are nice!
Hey Marc,

That looks like a fine piece of equipment,
makes me wish i was anywhere near handy with a 3D design program
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Veery Nice!
It's going to be a good show.

Cheers Ted
My cars were put in the post to-day. 24 days to the race, they should get there in time.

Peter, the entry fee is per car, right?

Thanks Ted
oh that's a good thing i read that...

somehow had the 10th in my head and was running low on time on getting better tires.

Gave my car some testruns and it runs great on my track but can use more grip
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Another prize reached the ProNoMag racing headquaters:

Ted donated a $20 gift certificate from Ranch-Design to the prize pool!


#6 $20 gift certificate from Ranch-Design (donated by Tsooko)
Is Ted active again?

Will post my car Monday, that should be early enough.
yep, Ted´s at work

and so am i :evilgrin:
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I received the tires from the one i put the link up,
they give a fantastic grip and i am happy with how the car handles on my track.

No clue how it will do against others but we will see,
i am sure it will not be the fastest but if it is not the slowest i am already happy.

I would greatly appreciate negative feedback on the handling to know where and what can and needs to be improved.

Sugerfree coating please*

*I know i am asking for it

Good to hear Ted is back at the wheel,
for my next build i will have more time too so will contact him again.
First need to finish my track and build a 1:24 Jaildoor brass chassis.
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Car posted yesterday with priority post.
More of this proxy will follow soon,
Cars are arriving.
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Well, I couldn't resist but was no too sure what to do.
Have ended up entering 2 cars and am primarily interested to see how they compete against each other:

SCX Mercedes C Class

Wide-body Ford Focus

The Mercedes is pretty much standard, Ford has been widened and has Scalextric running gear stuffed in to it.
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Nice cars Leo. The SCX Compact DTMs run well anyway, but it will be interesting to see how the wide Focus goes!

Regards, Lloyd
Hey Leo,

Glad to have you aboard mate.

I am maybe in the same boat as you.. totally clueless what is best for the cars in 1:43.

Some nice cars you entered, i should have send one of my other stock D-Slots to see if i actually improved the car

Love the look of that Benz.
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Lovely pair of cars Leo!
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