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ProNoMag 2012

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Date: October 26, 2012
number of cars per entrant: max. 3
The track: app. 38ft. 3 lane wood track, latex paint, copper tape for the rails - magnets have no effect
the race: race will be run in lane 1 and 3, 25 laps practice, 30 laps race, the slowest 5 times will be deleted
the power supply: each lane has a seperate adjustable powersupply, 1.25 to 19V @ 3 Amp available
the timing: IR light bridge and laptimer 2000
the controllers: available controllers: 90/75/60 ohm parma eco, 45/35/25 Parma eco, 25/18/13 parma eco, 15/11/8 parma eco, i will choose the controller where the car is driveable as its best during the practice laps.
entry fee: 5$

1) car must be approximately 1/43rd
2) max. width 50.8mm
3) no fluid may leak out, no grease, oil or braid juice may pollute the track, no tire glue or similar
4) teams may ask for a special voltage where the car should be run.
the standard racing voltage depends on the motor. I will run all car @ 12V, SCX and Carrera motors @14V, G9330 motors @ 10V. Again, if i get another information, i will run the car at the desired voltage.
5) car must have a body that looks like a car
6) no silicone tires, rubber and PU are fine,

concours de elegance: the best looking car will be voted by a poll open for all forum members

so i think these rules are wide open, so ladies and gentleman, i call you all out there to build your fastest, smoothest 1/43rd car for this race.
send in your trucks from the truck proxy we already had, just tune your stock SCX car a little and maybe blow the doors off all others, built something that was not seen before, it´s up to you.
Who will have the fastest car?
Small tip: K&D tires, Ortmann or JelClaws are the ones which work really good, foam tires don´t have grip on the flat latex surface.

The prices:
the first pick will go to the concours winner, than to the winner of the race, 2nd place concours, 2nd place race and so on...

list of prizes by now:
#1 Carrera Go! Porsche Spyder
#2 1/43rd 3D printed chassis for boxer (H0) Motor

list to be continued ....

have fun, Peter
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Hey Lloyd,

7 Days...hmm maybe you are right,
Ok i will send it with priority but i am not sure it will be there on time.

Will pay the entry fee for that one now.

It will be a Mazda 787B

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To be honest, the Focus was a bit of a "moment of madness" when I was reading the rules and was tempted to build something that matched. Its not typical of me, being more of a scale model fan. Focus has the body widened to just under the 50mm limit and has a 25/30K motor. It was too fast for my home layout so no idea how it will perform...
The Mercedes is quite a nice runner - bought a pair and the other one runs very roughly, need to spend a lot of time on it.

if it´s too fast, i´ll turn the voltage down ;p
Jaak, i can tell you that you improved over a stock Dslot!

what works in 1/43rd?
aftermarket PU tires
Tire glueing to the rims
Tire trueing and another time of tire trueing
Removing any unneccesary play where you can find it - especially in the rear axle.
Front tires that touch the track and carry a little weight.
trued/glued/sealed front tires
a rotating guide
high flexible silicone wires for the guide (the stock Dslot cable are POS)
a low center of gravity

did i forget anything?
(making list in mind: motors - no, not necessary can adjusted with voltage), gears - hm maybe, when they are smoother than the original, a deep sitting guide blade)
i don´t think so.

carefull tuning is the most important point IMO.

have a great evening,
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Nice pair of cars!
I too will be very interested in how the Widened Focus runs. It is good to step out of ones' comfort zone once in a while. The stance of that car should help with it getting around the corners. Would love to see some video of the cars running.

Don't send the car, Please??? !!!
I got enough competition!!!

Just kidding mate. Glad that you decided to send it.

Lloyd, are you going to make it in?

Boy, Peter you are going to have a good time of it. I wished I was there.

Good luck to all.

Cheers Ted
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Heya Ted,

I never made the link,

Tsooko is Ted and Ted is Tsooko.

I have recently acquired a reasonable amount of resin 1:43 Bodies,
when i have finished some of my other projects i will be bugging you

Need the address of Peter as i got smart and deleted a lot of messages to make space in my inbox.

The car is ready to be send,
i have added lead where the magnet was, glued and trued rear tires and lacquered the front tires.
Also changed the spring to a rubber "spring" which is will give a much softer suspension.
This is an aftermarket part from the same supplier as the tires.

When i have Peter's address again i will send it asap.

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Thank you Lloyd,

Those D-Slots look better then i would have imagined.

And thanks Peter,

I had seen it but was to late at the post office i thought they would be open longer,
will send it Monday morning.
Oh ehe
...i knew that...i was just checking if you knew..*cough*...*cough*
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