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Welcome to the ProNoMag 2011!

Mark Knopfler is playing the music in the back ground and the teams are warming up! There is a great bunch of cars in

starting grid and they can´t wait to get their turn on the Desmo. We will start in the order of arriving.

First on the track is Betz with a nice diecast Ferrari. Sadly the transport ripped the motor out of its hotglue mount. The

team owner decision is to get this car out of the race, only valid for the concour.

#2 on the track is another diecast from Betz, this time a Maserati, featuring a heck mounted motor! After lap one the

Maserati stopped in the pits to get its Go! pin rounded, done in seconds, out on the track again. The Maserati had a

special problem in the uphill corner near puddle dude´s residence - always getting very slow there, no interest in taking

that section with more speed, but only in lane 1, lane 2 was fine for him. Like on every pin guided car, corners had to be

taken with care, otherwise the car will spin out and stop, shortening the track circuit. Nice car, handling quite good for

a diecast.

#3 The Mercury from Datto is next on the track, the big car forcing the watchers to take a step back
big and powerfull,

this car is sliding around the track - fun handling! The gearing is so high that the powerfull motor could spin the soft

qualifier tires down the whole front straight.

#4 Porsche by Datto Racing. A nice little overpowered car, really smooth with soft tires that don´t want grip on the flat

latex paint. A pleasure to drive.

#5 Alfa: again a HOT motor. Handling good, smooth, tires like on the Porsche. After cleaning them repeatedly, the grip was

good for a half lap.

#6 Easy Ed #00: The quad motored beast
the handling is great and you can really push it. What i really like is the sound

of 4 motors revving up! very preditable and constant. not one deslot even when pushed really hard.

#7 Easy Ed #16: the Doppelgaenger: fast, but the rear end is a little loose. smooth as silk. great sound, too! are those

ballbearings on the rear??? like on the #00 the tires don´t seem to like my track surface. The chassis is working really,

really great, one of the best i´ve driven.

#8 Easy Ed #11 a nice single motor car with aluminium chassis: smooth. some kind of tuning monster motor inside this one? i

can´t identify it, my would be a carrera motor, but for sure not stock
handling great! tire spinning action down the

whole straight!

#9 Broman62 Ford Falcon 00 A nice car, a little bumpy in right hand turns, pin guide, but handling good.

#10 Broman62 Willis #7 first a little pit work - flattening the rear body mounting screw, the screw stopped the car without

tirecontact on the section near the puddle dude race garage, just where the steepest part of the track is located. guide

pin a little rounded so it doesn´t block in the slot. handling quite good, high CoG. Looking great going round the track.

#11 Broman62 Chevy#57 handling is good, a little on the heavy, could use better breakes. smooth, taking corners with

enthusiasm. it needs a little time to get used to this car, but then it driving quite good. the only real limit is the pin

guide. If the track radii varis from 1 1/2" to 30", than a SlideGuide really helps the handling. If you overdrive the car

with a slideguide, you can recover. With a pin guide, you´re shortening the track and the car will not move one inch.

#12 Broman62 Ford#99 left hand turns are great, but why does this track have right hand turns? What is this good

for LOL j/k great looking car! likes left turns way more than right turns. totally awesome paint job! nice straight line

speed, too. you can dive deep into left hand turns with this beauty.

#13 Betz Peugeot 908HDI a pullback conversion with monster motor. a real speed monsters, that could spin the tires down the

whole straight. handling quite good, brakes okay. But with all this speed you have to be really carefull entering a turn.

smooth and heavy. more sideways than straight forward, with the tires always in the search of grip.

#14 pfuetze mustang #43 the small width of the stang results in a tendency to barrel roll. weaker motor than most of the

other cars,less weight. great to drive.

#15 pfuetze MCA #26 the ortmann tires are working quite good - for one or two laps. handling good. feels always loose.

#16 Lloyd Lancia #1 Ranch-Design SideWinderChassis with a very nice Heller kit body. If this car got no tuning, i´m more

than afraid what a tuned car from Lloyd could do on the track! There´s a little more pontential in the chassis, it´s still

hopping in the slot turns. The gearing is just right, the motor works great and the braking is good.

Thanks for letting me race your great cars, gents! It´s been a pleasure.

And here´s what you are all waiting for:

the lap times in detail:

And the winner is:

Congrats Lloyd and to all others!

It´s was a great race!


p.s. I´ll start a thread for the concour soon, after the concour, the price picking will start!

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Thanks Marlon, total surprise as I didnt have time to sort it and thought the gear mesh was a little harsh, it says more for the chassis than my building!

I cant remember what gearing it has, so I went on Ranch Design's website to check just now and found the sidewinder no longer listed!

Unless Peter can check it for you I will wait until it gets back here and will let you know.

Regards, Lloyd

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Thank you for the event, and the great recap, Peter, and Congratulations Lloyd!

Leo, 1/43 is still so small (in number) that Peter's "Run what ya brung" proxy is very welcome. There are some more focused proxies in this scale, a dirt series, a DTM series, a contemporary Le Mans type series. The scale does seem to be picking up steam despite the seeming indifference of some of the manufacturers (SCX, I'm looking at you!)

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I´m always in for hosting a race!
What would you guys think about late April 2012?

Lloyd, the sidewinder kit is listed. It´s available with a 34 or a 36 spur gear. Personally i think the shorter gearing is the better choice.
You won because the Lancia turned in very equal low lap times. The tires on the MCA were only good for very few fast laps. You simply had the better car

Marc, the Pegeuot helped me to find your Minilite. It has the same color on the backside as the tracksurface - very hard to find, but the Pegeuot hit the cap in a slide and i saw something very small flying - it had to be the Minilite, as i was already looking for it!

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wow! excellent show there pfuetze, and a great advert for the scale, i seriously want all of those cars on my track and the descriptions make it obvious that there is more to tuning these little things than i know...of to look at the ranch design site now
cheers sig

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Hello Peter, I still cant find the RD sidewinder on their site, I am missing something.

I would definitely be ready for another proxy in April 2012, that may just give me time to build a new car!

Glad Marc's hubcap was found, they are usually gone for good if they fall out as they are so small.

Thanks again for a great event.

Regards, Lloyd

Joel LeNoir
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Very cool. I am in. Should be pulling my new 1970 Chaparral Camaro Trans-Am series race car body out of the mould next week. Perfect body for the next PorNoMag run. Should be good fun.

Just through a car together at the last minute you say Lloyd? Congratulations.
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