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Hi All,

After a lot of thought(mainly by Si, with tweaking by Me)
We've come up with a championship Schedule that will hopefully encourage new drivers to turn up & also keep existing drivers motorvated & interested.

Here goes( it's a good list)
The first part(s) don't need to be voted on immediately as they effect next year.

1, Season to start at the begining of April until the end of March with a break for Xmas and New Year.

2,Championships to be run;

a, Heart of England Cup
To be run as the first meeting of the season.
The winner to have the option of having a black stripe or go faster racing stripes on thier roof and/or aerofoil.
This will be sponsored by Simon #218.

b, Euro Cup
To be run on the first meeting of July.
The roof/aerofoil colour for the winner to be discussed/decided at a later date.

c, Wellingborough Golden Helmet (slotstox version of the world championship)
Qualifying rounds will start from the meeting after the Euro Cup and will end the meeting before the Golden Helmet meeting.
The Final Meeting will be held on the 1st saturday of October. Top 12 points scorers from the qualifying rounds (that are available on the day) go through to the Semi-Finals.
The top 3 from each Semi will go through to the Final and the winner of each Semi will enter a draw to decide who gets first pick of lane for the Final.
Followed by the Runners-Up and then 3rd place.
The winner of the title will wear the Gold roof until after the next Golden Helmet Final.

d, Shoot Out Final ( to determine the silver roof winner, as per the 1:1 cars)
Shoot Out Rounds will start from the 1st meeting back after the New Year up to & including the last meeting of the season.
Shootout drvers will consist of the top 25% or top 6 points scorers(whichever is the greater).
Double points to awarded for the final meeting (for the Shoot Out drivers).
After the meeting the top points scorer will be Points Champion and will wear either the silver roof or 2 silver stripes on the roof/areofoil.

3, The Euro cup & Heart of England meetings to be open to visiting members(by open invitation) as well as Wellingborough drivers.

4, Championship winners to start at the rear of their respctive grades(other than gold & Silver As they stay S/S for as long as they hold the title).

5, Any driver that wins the gold or silver roof twice or more cannot not be down graded lower than red for 5 active seasons.

6, any driver that reach's & stays s/s for 3 consecutive grading periods will nevr be downgraded lower than blue.

7, Any Wellingborough (regular) members to start as blue for 1st 2 meetings to determine driving level.

These proposals are for the Stox only and will be for the 2012/2013 season onwards.
Nascar championships to be proposed soon(ish)

The next part we would like to be disscussed & voted on at the next stox meeting, Due to time constraints.

8,The Golden Helmet Meeting for this year, we propose to be held on an additional meeting on the Saturday of the Wellingborough Classic meeting(This to to try & encourage a bigger turnout and gain greater exposure for the stox & the oval track).

9, The Shoot Out rounds & Final to be held as per the proposel for the 2012/13 season.

We feel that this way there's something to aim for approx every 3 months(ish) which is a nice spread throught the year,
The xmas/new year break is to lessen the burden on those that chose to run in the MSRA between Nov-March.
The idea is 1 meeting early Dec & 1 late Jan.(would that need to be a seperate proposal?)
Comments welcome please.
Myself & Simon will be sponsoring all championships to start with.
If any other members wish to take over the sponsorship of any(other than the Heart of England) championship or find a sponsor feel free(please).
All Championships carry Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & also an annual Trophy to return after a year.
(visiting driver must leave the annual Trophy in the club room, but will get their picture taken with the Trophy to be put on the website.)

Ed (& Si #218)

· David Farrow
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Hi Ed Simon and everyone else.

Blimy Ed I have read this three times and I think I am just starting to get my head around it.

I think one of the things that the Slot stock guys do very well is having a rolling series of championships and one off events. It may take some time for the Wellingborough guys to get the hang of it but I do think it's a good move forward and could migrate to the other tracks. It's a move up from just having club night after club night. We have to remember to most of the Wellingborough members this could be a bit new, daunting and misunderstood and therefore might just fall into the too hard basket. If it's too hard they won't do it.

One of the things we have always done well at Wellingborough is organise a day or nights racing. One heat after another to a known and trusted formula. No hanging around while other ponder and debate some mystical grading and heats. We all race each other in a series of randomly selected heats. Each of us race in 6 heats one on each lane scoring points and that puts us into graded ladder finals. We ran to that formula last week and it ran well. The driver grading was only used to determine the start position. It does mean we could end up with a heat with a grid full of say blue tops but that's ok. Cream always rises to the top.. how Matt won I don't know but there you go!

Just to make sure I have this right your proposal is for 3 club events to be one off events and a club championship that runs from January to the end of the session in March. Depending on which one you win you would have the right to having a particular roof and a trophy.

The Hart of England cup and the Euro Cup are in effect ran the same as a club meeting but with the added significance of the title and trophies

The Wellingborough Golden helmet 'who came up with that name' will be a normal club meeting with an extra set of semi finals and a final to see who has a golden helmet.

The Shoot- out final is a championship where an extra final is ran on each club meeting from January to March and all the scores from the shoot-out finals are used to determine the champion.

With regards to who may come and race we are an inclusive club and believe that any and every one that behaves themselves are actively encouraged to pay up and join in.

I personally think there is far too much stress over the driver grading. It is important and it should reflect full size racing in most parts but it could work just as well in a much simpler form. Super stars and championship winners start at the back. The top 20% are red. The next 25% blue as well as anyone that looks as if they know how to drive round the track. Novices and visitors on yellow. Novice juniors, first timers, wives and or mothers that make the numbers up start on white. This will be reviewed before we start each club meeting. I don't think any special grading should apply just to Wellingborough members trying it out for the first time. If the grading is wrong then we will get it right next time. . If in a few years we have so many champions then we may need to bring something in but at the moment..

When someone holds an event as a round with the MSRA they have to have a track, find and maybe pay for a venue and buy some trophies. All this out of their own pocket and not know how many may or may not turn up. The Wellingborough club doesn't run to that format. We are very lucky to have the room and we all just pay a weekly sub to pay for all the overheads and incidentals that need to be paid for. Any and all events at Wellingborough are promoted and run buy its members for its members and anyone can be a member so the need for an individual members to be the promoter or sponsor is simply not needed. People can and have donated trophy to be used by the club in the past and that's fine, some traders have donated trophies and prizes in the past and that's all good too but I don't feel comfortable with you and Simon putting your hand in your pocket to sponsor an event. If you have some trophy that you wish to re-cycle that's another matter.

The Wellingborough Classic event is billed as a one day event and I don't think there are too many, if any coming down on Saturday. I don't think it will be a good idea to change the date for this event, but I could be wrong! The Saturday 22nd October would be good as a major event and it doesn't clash with anything other than the Isra world championship in Brazil!

I know this is not going to be the last word on this so until next time.
Keep racing

David Farrow

· Matt Tucker
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I won't give up my golden helmet without a big fight!

Like all the ideas esp having an overall championship and mini championships interspersed in the year. I am sure they will develop to be even better - set a time limit to take comments/input and then amend them taking the comments on board and bring them to a Saturday meet after that deadline for voting on.

The main thing we need to ensure is clarity in everything so that everyone understands what is going on and why ie keep it all a simple as possible esp to encourage new comers


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Hi Dave, Matt + everyone else reading.

I'll try to answer the points raised as simply as poss.

1, Race format.
I agree with running to the Wellingbough race formula, which is what we were trying prior to the decision being made to run to msra race rules.
To me it does matter whether a race is made up of one car from each grade or all s/s, as long as it's a good race & fun.

2, Grading.
The grading list is basicly a way of assuring the fast guys, i.e The Davids, Matt, Si etc start at the back & give the slower/less experianced guys, i.e ME an inkling of hope that they may win a race or two. In theory the grades are made up approx the way Dave suggests, with a loop hole that If one driver dominates for a couple of years, then they start right at the back for a while.

3, Championships/Titles.
These are designed to to reflect the 1:1 cars & championships/Titles but in a much easier format.

The Heart of England reflects the British Championship & is basicly a standard meeting, but with a trophy for the top 3 drivers in the final + the option for a go faster stripe to be worn on the roof. The winner would still start on there usual grade line, but one car length behind any other cars in their grade.

The Golden Helmet is named after the real life Dutch world final, (Plus you can buy a really cool looking Golden Helmet trophy!)
The Golden helmet meeting would be a normal meeting + three extra races for the top 12 available drivers at the meeting(to be ran at the end of the stox meeting, but before the nascars).
The Winner of the Golden Helmet final will wear a gold roof for a year.
We suggested the Classic meeting as a date purely in the hope that we could get extra exposure, But we aren't set on it & are open to other dates.

The Eurocup reflects the European Championship & again is a normal meeting But again Trophies for the top 3 in the meeting final.

The Silver Shoot out The shoot out rounds are normal meetings, with all drivers scoring normal points.
But the drivers involved in the shoot out will also have their points from the s/o rounds noted seperatly with only the LAST meeting carrying double points for the S/O drivers. The highest Point scorer from those rounds Will be declared the Winner of the Silver roof & will wear either a full silver roof or stripes if also the winner of the Gold roof. In addtion to that the top points scorer over the entire season(April-March)Excluding the shootout winner will be The Points Champion. Again this reflects the 1:1 cars.

Inclusion in Championships

I may have written that part badly, The idea is that a driver from another club that may only race at Wellingborough once, doesn't nick the gold roof. The format for the Silver roof is such that it would negate that from happening.
This is a normal type of rule within the stox world, although some clubs are a bit more sutble by holding multiple qualifing rounds for major championships(inc the MSRA).

The reason we posted the proposals this week was to have as close to 2 weeks thinking(as per Welly rules) for this years part as possible, so that we can discuss/vote at the next meeting.
Therefore I Propose that we do that & for the rest, set a date of 1/9/11 for comments/ideas for next year To be then discussed & voted on at the following meeting.

Amongst other reasons for myself N Si sponsoring the trophies(at least for the 1st year) is the fact that Si has got a couple of spares.
Plus we then get championships named after us(well me) so I get a little bit of fame. lol

Does that make more sense to people?


P.s the proposal is for the season to run from the begining of April to the end of March with an approx 4 weekend break in December & Janurary. i.e 1 meeting in early Dec & 1 late Jan.

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Hi All,

With regards to the added dateI think even if we cant have a full meeting ran i still think it is a good idea to have some a small exibition and a few fun races so people know what we do and gaint a bit of interest??? Just an idea but could be good of the club.

Simon 'Silver Top' #218

· David Farrow
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Hi Si and others

Any time there is any kind of meeting I always show the track and I always have my cars with me. I doubt if I will be able to go on the Saturday but I will definitely be there Sunday. Most of the guys going will have seen the track before as it has been there for two years now. But I will open it up, turn it on and invite everyone to have a go on it. There will be a lot of entrants on the Sunday and space will be at a premium.

I think we must look at the calendar for after October soon as its coming up fast. I would like to have dates set for the next 12 months and I think it would be a good thing it we can run the 'golden helmet' this year in 2011. I am putting the date of the 22nd October forward. Can people show if they are happy with that date or not. It would be good to see the likes of Mr Cleave and some of the MSRA regulars there. We would only have ourselves to blame if the prize went outside the club.

And Ed, I will second your proposal for a proposed date for the proposed proposals.... Do you think I could get a job for the NHS computer program!

All the best and see all the slot stockers and nascar hounds on 13th August.


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Hi Dave,
i like the date of 22nd October or 8th October either will be good. The way the Golden Helmet would run if the proposal is succesful, wouldnt alow someone to just turn up on the day and walk away with a gold roof but the Heart of England and Euro Cup they could.

But yeah any of the two datesinOctober is a thumbs up from me.

P.s the golden helmet is mine matt

Simon 'Silver Top' #218

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Hi all,
The 22nd is good for me.

I'll nobble Si n leave him at home then the helmet is mine! lol


Ps we'll have a proper vote at the next meeting to make it official.
Once we vote on the rest, myself or Si will write up a calender for the rest of this season + all of next.
Then we'll ask Dave C to pop it on the website.

· David Farrow
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Hi Guys

Sorry a bit late for posting this, but one thing and another has got in the way.
Tomorrow we are going to have a vote on a few things, not least the Golden Helmet (snigger, snigger) just so we are all clear, we have to have an agreed way of finding out who the top 12 drivers will be, if it is the existing championship, when does it run from and to, and most importantly we must have an agreed format on how the two semi finals and the finals are run, that must include lane selection, how many laps it is going to be over and what kind of martialing. It's not just for this championship we have to be sure about everything before we vote on it, we have to be sure about every championship before we vote on it. What I am going to suggest for the 'golden helmet' is that the top 12 qualifiers are the people who hold the top 12 spots in the club championship for that year, should they be available on that day, if anyone in that group is missing then the 13th on the list becomes eligible and makes up the 12 and so on. To make the grids for the two semi finals the top qualifier will have first choice of which lane in the first final, the 2nd qualifier then has first choice of the other grid, the 3rd qualifier has 2nd choice first grid and so on, so we have a grid consisting of 1st 3rd 5th 7th 9th and 11th, and the other grid consists of 2nd, 4th 6th, 8th 10th and 12th. We race over 20 laps and the top 3 from each of the two semi finals go head to head in the 40 lap grand final. The lane choices for this are worked out the winner of the A semi has first choice and the winner of semi final B has the second choice and who came second in the A semi has 3rd choice and so on. Everybody of course starting on their correct coloured start lines. That is simple enough to follow and fair enough for everybody. And we have to make sure the top 12 club people are there on the day to stop any impostors sneaking in. As for the running of the rest of the Championships and finals we will have some more discussion tomorrow and all the proposals we can hopefully can get something published on the net soon.

Maybe we can discuss and vote on this stuff on the 10th of September as that is a Saturday we have a meeting

All the best


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Hi all,
Dave the format I suggested is almost as you've said, except for the Golden Helmet final.
The suggestion for that is 1st in the semi's start at the front, the 2nd place men just behind &
3rd just behind those.
Seems a bit backwards to usual, but as thats how the 1:1 cars do it, I'd like to do the same.

Btw that's how they do all the 'Major' championships.

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