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Molesey SCC challenge rules 2012 (proposed)

• Only cars (no open top sports) & parts may be used with the exception of Scaleauto motors and parts listed as FREE CHOICE. Newly released cars/spares must be available from Pendle Slot Racing 2 weeks prior to an event to be eligible to use at that event. New cars/spares which may radically change the championship format must be passed for use by the committee.
• Traction Magnets MUST be removed and no extra magnets can be added.
• Cars MUST have all their chassis to body fixing screws firmly secured or covered with a piece of tape or blue tac to prevent screws working loose and falling onto the track.

• Bodies may be repainted but must remain standard, no lowering of bodies, body mounting posts or trimming of wheel arches (with the exception of the Jaguars wheel arch locating points inside the body which may be removed to prevent the tyre from rubbing). Interiors may be replaced with a lightweight vacformed interior complete with a driver figure/head and must be a neat fit inside the body so that the chassis is not visible when viewed from above. Windscreens/Windows must remain standard and remain clear so that the interior can be viewed. Bodies MUST start each race with rear spoilers in place and securely fastened. The use of plain Unpainted bodies is not allowed, plain Unpainted bodies must be painted so that there are no unpainted areas (the use of clear coat laquer over unpainted plastic is not allowed). Wing mirrors & aerials may be removed. Headlamp / tail lamp lenses must be in place at the start of the first heat of each meeting.

• Nissan R390 must retain the rear grill section at the start of each heat.
Mazda may use the Jaguar XJR9 racing rear wing as a replacement for the original.

• Chassis must match the body and remain standard. The chassis edges may be trimmed to allow body or motor mount rock only, excessive trimming is not allowed and must not be used as a way of reducing weight or increasing flex. Some cars are supplied with angle winder ready chassis which are eligible for use in the championship, however they MUST retain the two pop outs which allow an angle winder mount to fit if used with inline or sidewinder mounts. The HRS & HRS2 adjustable chassis are NOT eligible.

• Suspension units in standard form may be used providing the body or chassis is not modified to fit them. Suspension units must remain standard no mixing / matching of units allowed.

• You may use any Inline, sidewinder or anglewinder matching motor & mount combination i.e. a boxer mount must use a long can motor. Motor mounts MUST remain standard and must not be modified in any way. Motors MUST fit the mount as they were intended i.e. no turning or lowering of motor in mount, no additional adaptor mounts can be used. Only Black "0 offset" mounts are permitted.

• Any or Scaleauto mabuchi or longcan, "closed casing" (No open cans i.e open can Boxer) motors are eligible for use and MUST remain standard with the exception of cutting down the motor shaft to avoid interfering with running gear. No hybrids or upgrading of motor magnets or brush gear allowed. If there is evidence of the motor can being opened this will be viewed as tampering and the motor will be deemed illegal.
The motor must retain the label/Wrapper where applicable although the wrapper may be cut off on the underside of the car .

• Gears MUST remain standard, no drilling or lightning of gears allowed. Any combination of gearing from the range only may be used.

• Wheels MUST remain standard, no drilling or lightening of wheels allowed. Any combination of wheels (plastic, alloy or magnesium) from the range only may be used. F1 sized wheels are not eligible. The only other option of wheel available for use is the PCS 32101 alloy wheel (which must run with wheel inserts)

• Solid or hollow axles from the range only to be used. independent front axle kits may be used in standard form only.

• Rear tyres are of a free choice from the "F series" range only SIPT26 F15, SIPT27 F22 and SIPT28 F30.

• Tyres may be glued to the wheels, trued and treated but must feel dry to touch at the start of a race. Tyre goops are NOT allowed. In order for the scrutineers to identify the tyres used are legal, the logo which is molded to the tyre wall must be clearly visible . Please Note if the tyres are not easily identifiable by the scrutineers they will be deemed illegal.

• Front Tyres are of a free choice but must be of a rubber compound. Front tyres may be clear varnished.

• Please note the use or presence of syringes for inflating tyres is not permitted.

• Any Oil Of Wintergreen type products or MB19063 tyre additive/substances are also banned.

• Anyone caught with or using these products at a SIC venue/event will be disqualified and asked to leave the event.

• Any guide from the range only may be used and may be trimmed to shape if required. (It is illegal to add parts to a guide i.e. extending the blade.)

• Are not required and MUST not be fitted.

• Only parts available from the range are to be used except for the following:
• Braid, axle/guide spacers, motor to guide cable, alloy wheel grub screws and body screws & motor fixing screws.

If It's not mentioned above then it's illegal!


Only and NSR classic models are permitted.

Rules for models.

Cars must remain standard apart from the following changes:

1. Any tyre can be used on the rear, front tyre choice is free.
2. Spacers can be used on front and rear axles but the wheel/tyre mustn't be visible when viewed from above.
3. Braids, lead wires, body and motor mount screws are free choice.
4. Either solid or lightweight spur gears can be used but the standard 11/34 gear ratio must be maintained. Gears with squared off teeth will not be permitted
5. All screws can be run loose if desired.

Please note traction magnets must be removed and any model supplied with an offset mount as standard must have this item replaced with a "0 offset" black item. Wheel inserts must be present at all times.

Rules for NSR models.

Cars must remain standard apart from the following changes:

1. Either supergrip or ultragrip tyres can be used on the rear(no extremes), front tyre choice is free.
2. Spacers can be used on front and rear axles but the wheel/tyre mustn't be visible when viewed from above.
3. Braids, lead wires, body and motor mount screws are free choice.
4. All screws can be run loose.
5. Any combination of Soft/Medium/Hard Chassis's and motor mounts can be used.

Please note traction magnets must be removed. Wheel inserts must be present at all times.

As far as 1/24 goes, I really don't know. Do we want them totally standard? Or allow different tyres and gear ratios etc? With regard to the Scaleauto/MSC Chassis, what type of Bodies are we going to allow?

Where are we with the fourth class? Are we going for Rally or are we sticking to NSR Porsches until we know where we are with the proposed track change? We need to make a decision soon for obvious reasons!

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I'm not bothered either way tbh, maybe we should discuss it with everyone on Thursday. If we did keep Porsches, I'd like to see it extended to include the Corvette and the Audi.

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Why not? Surely it would be more interesting to see three different models on track than just one? When we decided on the Porsches as a class the other models didn't exist but I'm sure if they had we'd be using them. Anyway that's just a detail, we need to get a decision on whether to carry on or not. If we do I'm certainly not doing another Red Bull paint job

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I just have a few concerns about the free choice bodies on the 1/24 MSC chassis. The problem is most of these bodies are intended as static models and as such have fully detailed floor to ceiling interiors which will fowl the inside of the chassis. What do you replace the interior with? We cant allow lexan type interiors because it would make a mockery of the "as standard rules". I just think it opens up a whole can of worms.

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QUOTE (Slick Josh @ 14 Dec 2011, 19:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>we allowing the vette thursday then?


QUOTE (zarko @ 14 Dec 2011, 19:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I should probably not be commenting on the subject of 1/24 class, as I don't inted to take part in it (anytime soon), but do find it strange that something which was voted on (and agreed) is being discussed with potential to changing it!?

The classes and rules will be adhered to as voted for by the club at the agm. The only bone of contention is the MSC rally class. I believe we will putting this on a back burner until such time as the proposed track change is squared away. We will be continuing with NSR Porsches for the time being, realistically until mid 2012.

Any discussion regarding rules and regs, are just that, a discussion and nothing else.
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