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prorace clk

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at our club we had a guy with a ninco prorace clk straight out the box wheelhopped bad enough to fling out of the slot. pretty much everyone there tried to sort it, tryed everything but it still bounced. the guy took it back got another one and it did the same again. so what im asking is are all prorace clks like this, or was it just a bad batch?
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good discussion here Im learning lots.

So if I can move my cars axel assembly (including wheels) by holding the tyres
on each side of the car by thumb and finger then it is sloppy? They should not
be able to move??? All mine have this movement.

I find all my cars jump out of the slot and do roll overs or flips if I take
a corner too fast, and sometimes if I accelerate to fast out of a corner the
car fishtails and sometimes deslots.

Also, how do you tell if your tyres are not true, and how do you fix them? Im assuming
you hold the guide on the track but lift the rear of the car up and put sandpaper
underneath and then lower the spinning tyres onto it?

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1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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